The Battle For Relevancy: 15 Stars Struggling To Stay Popular

  • hih

    I’m sorry, this list is crapola. I got halfway through & just had to stop. People like like John Travolta & Robert Deniro are not struggling to ‘remain relevant’, they’re practically institutions at this point. ALL careers take dips & turns, but their names instantly make them relevant. People struggling to remain relevant are Souljah Boy, former celebs who do “Dancing With the Stars” to jumpstart their career, Tearra Marie,etc. etc.

    BTW-Ryan Reynolds is not a movie star, he should have stayed on tv. Both he & Jennifer Anniston are people that studios/media fell in love with, but they’re not real movie stars. It shows when you compare them to more charismatic people on film…they can’t really carry a film on their own.

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      Ryan Reynolds was on TV?

  • Jamie

    I usually don’t comment but this list changed that. Whoever wrote this nonsense should check their facts a bit better. How in the world did you manage to out WILL SMITH, BRUCE WILLIS, OLIVER STONE, ROBERT FREAKING DENIRO, JOHN CUSACK, AND JIMY CAREY in the category as Lindsay Lohan?! Were you high?! Most of the guys on this list have been in box office champion movies in the last 2 years, took time off to do indie flicks, or are just spending time do work other than acting. Simply because a person isn’t flashing their junk or arguing with paparazzi every day on TMZ, doesn’t mean they’re struggling. Who wrote this, a Justin Bieber fan?

    • Jamie

      Sorry for the mistakes! When I get too passionate things happen, lol. This list suuuuuuuuucks!

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