15 Celebrities Who Date Outside Their Race

Love is Color Blind: 15 Interracial Celebrity Couples

15 Celebrities Who Date Outside Their Race

Being in love with someone outside out of your race was not something you would see so openly expressed just 50 years ago. But my how times have changed! We love to see people happy so as long as you’re in love so are we! Apparently, some of your favorite celebrities also believe that love has no racial divisions and found their soul mates in some places they may have least expected. Check out some of our favorite interracial couples!

Paula Patton & Robin Thicke PATTON WENN


Paula Patton and Robin Thicke just make us shiver with pure jealously when thinking about how these two gorgeous people ended up together! Seriously guys, are we planning a breed of models for children? Think so! Anyways, this lovely pair has been coupled up since Paula met him in high school when he was 15. They later married in 2005 and had their first son in 2010. Guess it was destined in the stars for this talented pair.

Halle Berry & Oliver Martinez BERRY WENN


Halle Berry threw up her hands when it comes to model ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, Gabriel Aubrey. After the two split, she went through a very tumultuous time with legal proceedings and custody battles. Berry has since moved on to French actor Oliver Martinez.

Janet Jackson & Wissam Al ManaJACKSON WENN


Remember that whole break-up Janet Jackson went through with long time producer boyfriend Jermaine Dupri. Well, it didn’t take Janet long at all to find an upgrade. Just one year after the public split, Janet fell for Wissam Al Mana, a billionaire business man and current love of Janet’s life. Think we’re kidding? Well, the two took their vows in February of 2013, making it official during a secret ceremony.

Dr. Dre & Nicole YoungYOUNGS WENN


Dr. Dre wasn’t counting calories just for the fans when he decided it was time to slim down a few years back! No, this guy has a wife to look good for! Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young have been together for 15 years and going strong. They also share two children, a daughter named Truly and son Truth.

Lamar Odom & Khloe KardashianODOM WENN


Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian may have one the most public relationships this earth has ever seen, and don’t you just love every moment of it! The two got married in 2009, just 30 days after meeting one another. Although the two seem to get slammed constantly with rumors of divorce and Khloe’s infertility, they two haven’t spoken of splitting yet.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. & Sara Kapfer GOODING WENN


Cuba Gooding Jr. may have grown into very handsome man, but he never forgot about his high school sweetheart Sara Kapfer. The two married in 1994 and have three children together.

Taye Diggs & Indina MenzelDIGGS WENN


We know you’re going to be broken hearted to know that Taye Diggs has been locked down for years now, but hey, it happens! Diggs and his wife Indina Menzel met when they were both co-stars in broadway musical “Rent.” The two got married in 2003, and the rest had been history!

Derek Luke & Sophia Adella LUKE WENN


Derek Luke and his wife Sophia Odella have been married for 14 years! Wow, talk about a strong union.

Naomi Campbell & Vladimir DoroninNAOMI WENN


Naomi Campbell is known for being one of the biggest brats to ever kill a runway. One person she seems to get along quite well with is her billionaire bouyfriend, Vladimir Doronin. The two have even hinted toward wedding bells in the very near future.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen LEGEND WENN


We all may be drooling over John Legend and his brilliant singing voice, but this guy has been locked down since 2007. Legend’s Thai-Norwegian girlfriend Christy Teigen doesn’t seem to be going anywhere since the couple is now engaged.

Iman & David Bowie BOWIE IMAN WENN


Iman and David Bowie have become an iconic couple in Hollywood and pioneers for interracial love! The two got together in 1990, and have never left each other’s side since. Bowie has always been very vocal about Iman’s beauty, explaining plenty of times how he was immediately smitten by her when they first met. The two have one child together, Alexandria Zahra Jones, and other children from previous marriages.

Paul Wall & Crystal SlaytonPAUL WALL WIFE WENN


Paul Wall’s wife Crystal Slayton was one of his greatest supporters when deciding to undergo gastric bypass surgery. He was very public in letting fans know he wanted to live a healthier and longer life when undergoing the drastic change, and Crystal was said to be by his side the whole time. The two have been married for six years, and have two children.

Chris Noth & Tara WilsonWILSON WENN


Chris Noth apparently decided that once you go black, you never go back. Well at least according to his dating patterns. Noth was once apart of a long-term relationship with model Beverly Johnson. When that didn’t work out Noth moved to Tara Wilson, his current girlfriend and mother of his son.

Eve & Maximillion WilsonEVE WENN


While Eve may be a fast rapping, dominant female spitter, when it comes to relationships lets just say, every girl needs a little love. Eve’s most recent boyfriend is British race car driver Maximillion Wilson. We’re curious if this will lead to the altar or a crash and burn!

Alfre Woodard & Roderick Spencer WOODARD WENN


Alfre Woodward, acting veteran, has been married to her husband Roderick Spencer for more than 30 years. The couple also have two adopted children together.

  • Juanita LaGrone

    Robin Thicke is Cool and definitely a brother from another mother.

  • melissa

    Why is this a topic worthy of an article? Dates outside their race? That’s just so offensive!

    • Your ignorance is showing

      I really hope you’re being sarcastic. Cause if not then you need a serious reality check.

      • Jenn

        I think their point is why is this even a story who care if someone dates out side of their ethnicity. Noone dates outside of their race or we would be dating animals.

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