12 Summer Shopping Picks For The Conservative Cutie!

StyleBlazer Approved: 12 Summer Shopping Picks For The Conservative Cutie!

conservative cutie shopping picks

This summer is about the crop tops, cut offs, sheer shirts and skirts, and electric color combos, but you’re more about the black and white, midi hems, and bare shoulders more than bare belly. But you don’t really get those allegedly “avant garde” baggy boyfriend shorts or boxy tops either. You’re a conservative cutie. And it’s easy for the simple styles you love to get lost in all the craziness that is summer fashion. We get it, and we’ve got you. If you’re the type of woman who breathes a sigh of relief whenever the summer temperatures drop a little so you can get back to casually covering up your lady bits the way you like, we’ve got just the looks for you!

Conservative cuties, check out these 12 summer shopping picks that will cover your bits, but keep you totally breezy and breathable.




bebe drape dress

Sleeveless Shoulder Drape Dress