Misty Copeland Poses For 'The Edit' Magazine: "I Have Worked My Way From The Bottom To Soloist"

Misty Copeland Poses For ‘The Edit’ Magazine: “I Have Worked My Way From The Bottom To Soloist”

Misty Copeland The Edit thumbPhoto: Trent McGinn


The graceful (to say the least) Misty Copeland posed for Net-A-Porter’s The Edit magazine to talk about her inspiration career path that lead her to the American Ballet Theatre (ABT).


Misty Copeland The EditPhoto: Trent McGinn


Fans of the dancer know how unique Misty is for joining a majority white ballet company with only 80 dancers. Based in New York City, Misty is the first African-American female soloist at ABT in more than two decades, a title that she doesn’t take lightly or with ease. “My goal is to set a positive example for minority dancers; to make it easier for them in years to come,” she said about her role as a 30-year-old soloist.

She also discusses her road to success and passion for dance.

On her upbringing: “My life did not consist of extracurricular activities. It was literally just living and struggling to get by.”

On the feeling of performing: “There’s something about being on stage and having the energy of everyone with you that brings me to another level. You feel like a queen out there.”

On all the media attention on her: “Not many dancers get the media attention that I do and it’s because I’m so different from the typical ballet dancer.”

To read the complete –motivational– article head over here.

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    Looks like Alicia Keys.

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      Stop judging on looks instead of actions. We, you can get very far. Thank You

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    There’s a good documentary about her on Hulu, I saw it last year I think. She’s a cool chick.

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    I would start from the bottom with her too