The 5 Best Tips You’ll Ever Receive About Weaves From Celebrity Stylist, Dontay Savoy


    Less concern about hair.More about fitness & physique.

  • Realtalk

    Less concern about FAKE hair . . . or how about just leave it on the head of the person who grew it. You look ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE HER. You just look stupid.

  • iHM

    Tip 1: Unless it’s synthetic, to wear them is to exploit a woman halfway across the world from you.

    • missbehave31013

      Idk where you are from, but every country exploits someone. On the spectrum… This is the least offensive. Sit down.

      • iHM

        I was already sitting, I’m on a computer. I don’t get that. But anyway, you’re using the old, “But but but but but they do it tooooooo!” excuse, and that’s not really applicable for people over the age of nine, no offense, lol.

  • LAgirl25

    gotta love this man! :)

  • Los_Collier

    Uhhhh….weave tho..really dude

  • Whafe

    Natural ladies are enjoying athletics and length. Weaves are passé. But great tips! I guess, I’m a track virgin.

    • missbehave31013

      Nothing is “passé” in 2013. Calm down…

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