The 5 Best Tips You'll Ever Receive About Weaves From Celebrity Stylist, Dontay Savoy

The 5 Best Tips You’ll Ever Receive About Weaves From Celebrity Stylist, Dontay Savoy

DSavoy1Photo: Courtesy of Dontay Savoy


Dontay Savoy has a pretty full schedule. This isn’t to say that you couldn’t book a hair appointment with the popular stylist, but you will have to wait your turn. The L.A. based hair guru not only maintains a successful salon in West Hollywood, he also works with well-known celebrities (Beyoncé, Ashanti and Shaun Robinson) and stars alongside Kim Kimble on her WeTV show “LA Hair.”

So when we needed advice on how to maintain a weave during the summer, the self-designated weave, wig and extensions specialist was the one to call. “A common myth is that you shouldn’t get weave if you have long hair,” Savoy revealed. “Women with super short to long hair can rock hair weaves, they’re for everyone that wants to let their real hair relax and have something protective.”

Now that we’re in the thick of summer, being knowledgeable about your weave is essential. The biggest concern is how to maintain the same sheen it had, when it was first installed.

Check out what Dontay’s five key tips were to stay unbe-weavable!

Buy the right hair shade as a building block: “For consistency, get a natural brown weave color, that way it’s easier to custom color to match your exact hair shade.”

Sheen starts in the shower: “When washing and conditioning your sewn-in, use proper sulfate-free products that will nourish your real hair and add a natural sheen to the weave. I recommend Sebastian Penatraitt shampoo and conditioner.”

Grab a book and relax: “Sit under the dryer! Just sit. With weave you need to make sure your hair is fully dry all the way down to the cornrows to avoid molding. Your scalp should be 100 percent dry. Check to see if you’re finished by feeling the roots of your hair.”

Don’t sweat it: “For those days when you’ve sweated through your hair, apply a dry shampoo spray and sit under the dryer again. If you absolutely cannot stand the overhead dryer, use a blown dryer and hit the most moist spots.”

Take risk, at your own pace: “Be adventurous with your hair [when you can be].  I’m a fan of 1920s waved hair and over-the-top Victorian hair styles. Basically, hair that makes a statement. I always compare hair to Arts & Crafts; you find ways to do it better every time you style it.”


    Less concern about hair.More about fitness & physique.

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    Less concern about FAKE hair . . . or how about just leave it on the head of the person who grew it. You look ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE HER. You just look stupid.

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    Tip 1: Unless it’s synthetic, to wear them is to exploit a woman halfway across the world from you.

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      Idk where you are from, but every country exploits someone. On the spectrum… This is the least offensive. Sit down.

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        I was already sitting, I’m on a computer. I don’t get that. But anyway, you’re using the old, “But but but but but they do it tooooooo!” excuse, and that’s not really applicable for people over the age of nine, no offense, lol.

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    gotta love this man! 🙂

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    Uhhhh….weave tho..really dude

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    Natural ladies are enjoying athletics and length. Weaves are passé. But great tips! I guess, I’m a track virgin.

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      Nothing is “passé” in 2013. Calm down…