Who Blazed It Better? Beyonce vs. Leighton Meester (Michael Kors Sleek Black Dress)

Who Blazed It Better? Beyonce vs. Leighton Meester (Michael Kors Sleek Black Dress)


We’re back with another installment of Who Blazed It Better? This time the contestants are megastar Beyoncé and Gossip Girl beauty, Leighton Meester. Beyoncé made the Fashion Week rounds and while at the Tory Burch store opening, she rocked a sleek Michael Kors dress, the same one Leighton wore back in January at her movie premiere. Though they have different body types, the cut out frock, with leather trim looks equally good on both women. Bey covers her growing baby bump while Leighton looks long and lean in the floor length number. The dress, from Kors’ pre-fall 2011 collection, reminds us why we love the designer. His threads fit real women, from an expectant mom to a petite lady.


Tell us StyleBlazers, who blazed it better?

Patrice J. Williams 
  • Nesli


  • Anonymous

    Definitely Leighton. I love Bey though!

  • lila

    Its bey's hair that ruins the look she needs to do something different with her hair its getting boring.

  • Lisa


  • Sandy

    I think Bey looks better. Her hair color in contrast with the dress looks better.

  • LoveMuffin

    No fair to compare a pregnant woman with slim and tone beauty.

  • Mia

    Leighton 😉

  • Likewaterforchoc

    Leighton. I'm not wild about either's hair, though. But, it is good to see that this dress can work both ways. I may have to check out more from her line.

  • Megan

    Beyonce. I think she looks divine in the dress.

  • Not a fan.

    Leighton Meester (hate her name) wore this outfit much better than Beyaki. I think that Beyaki is too curvy for this dress.

  • nett


  • Michelle

    I like both but I am feeling Leighton Meester more. She looks better with a sleek look and it compliments her figure. I feel like Beyonce could do something else with that hair. It is sort of over the top and excessive. Maybe she can do something that looks more natural or show her natural hair.

  • Nxo

    Leighton… mos def hardy B… kwaaa


    LOL neither look "great", they both look okay