Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week May Be Moving, Again. See The First Choice For NYFW's New Home!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week May Be Moving, Again (See The First Choice For NYFW’s New Home!)



New York’s Mercedes-Benz fashion week will most likely be moving. “Hudson Yards is pushing to be the next home for fashion week and has Diane von Furstenberg and the Council of Fashion Designers of America supporting its cause,” reports WWD.

We can’t say we’re too surprised since it was only last month that rumors hit the net of a possible lawsuit by the Park’s Department against Lincoln Center for unlawfully using Damrosch Park (where fashion week happens) primarily for events that are off limits to the general public. And prior to that, back in February there were protests and a lawsuit filed by New York City Park Advocates against the city for what the organization feels is a destructive use of the park that keeps them from enjoying it 10 months out of the year.

If Bryant Parks’s refusal to continue hosting New York Fashion Week after 15 years was a door slam in the face, then all the controversy and upheaval surrounding NYFW at Lincoln Center is the legendary setting of one’s clothes a fire on the front lawn.

With that said, as much as we hate moving (whether it’s our few menial belongings or the destination for a biannual event for a billion dollar industry), it’s necessary. Fashion week needs a new home; and not just a new home, a permanent one.

Hudson Yards is a redevelopment project that encourages business development on NYC’s far west side. Fashion week’s third home would take place in the multipurpose Culture Shed, which is being built with “four runways, studios, exhibition space and a dramatic 140-foot-high canopy that slides along tracks to create indoor and outdoor space.” In fact, Diane von Furstenburg reportedly co-conceptualized the the Culture Shed back in 2006, with then the then-deputy mayor, with the intent of giving NYFW a home of its own.

Hudson Yard will be located on west 30th between 10th and 11th Ave, and also house luxury retail shops and office space for businesses like Coach, L’Oréal USA, and possibly Time Warner. The location is expected to be operational by 2017.

While we’re sure editors will be relieved to have fashion week move back downtown, we’re dreading that trek to the west side (we’re already getting intern flashbacks) and have to admit that the marvel of modern architecture that will be the Hudson Yard looks like an eyesore, though we love the lush green surroundings.