15 Celebrity Best Friends

They’re Attached At The Hip: 15 Celebrity Besties

15 Celebrity Best Friends



Rihanna and Katy Perry have so much in common, it may be freakishly scary. Take for example the fact that they can both wear scandalous outfits, rock colored wigs, and have a fan base that are ready to jump to their defense at any moment. These two also do a lot together like Rihanna throwing Perry a bachelorette party and going on vacation with one another in Ri’s hometown of Barbados. Well, maybe we should be saying “did a lot together!” Katy and Rihanna have been on the outs since Perry went very public expressing her disapproval of Rihanna’s reconciliation with Chris Brown. Rihanna didn’t mind at the time, telling fans, friends, and family to back off.

Beyonce & Gwyneth Paltrow



Aren’t we all wondering if Beyonce has friends outside Kelly Rowland and Michelle? Well, the answer is yes! Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow have been friends for a few years, and will occasionally escort one another to events when Jay-Z or Chris Martin call out sick for the night. Beyonce once told Harper’s Baazar, “Gwyneth is what I strive to be one day. You go to her house and she makes you feel like you never want to go home.”

Jay- Z & Kanye WestHOV WEST WENN


Jay-Z and Kanye West may have the bromance a lot of guys look for in their friends. The two have been friends, label mates, and business partners for many years, but the friendship began back in 2000, when West produced Jay-Z’s record, “This Can’t Be Life.”  The two have since grown to make songs together that receive national and international acclaim.

Brad Pitt & George ClooneyPITT CLOONEY WENN


How could such men gorgeous men not hang out with one another? Seriously guys, it just wouldn’t be right huh? While, these two admit they aren’t as close as the press tries to make it seem, they do enjoy hanging out with one another when both their hectic schedules permit.

Dakota Fanning & Kristen StewartFANNING STEWART WENN


While Dakota Fanning receives a lot more positive attention than her bestie Kristen Stewart, it doesn’t seem to be making the duo any less close. Fanning has even gone on defense for her friend during that whole Stewart cheating on ex-boyfriend and Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson saying to UK InStyle, “”Well, I just think that media frenzies like that…Everyone thinks they have the right to, you know, publicize the struggles and sadness and heartbreak and all that… “It’s like, ‘Why do you think you are the authority to judge people’s experiences?'” Well, Stewart we think you should hold on to ole’ Dakota, she seems to always be in your corner!

Taylor Swift & Selena GomezSWIFT WENN


If there is one girl duo you have read about somewhere in the tabloids, it would be that of Selena & Taylor. Who doesn’t love this little pair of perfection?  These two have been seemingly inseparable since Gomez decided to put her relationship with Demi Lovato on pause.



If you were looking for two Jersey girls to get down and party with, well look no more! These two have been best friends since they were both casted on MTV’s Jersey Shore.  The two’s relationship blossomed into a real friendship both on and off the screen, and they even did a spinoff together, J-Woww and Snooki, which showcased their love for each other even more.

LaLa Anthony & Kim KardashianLALA KIM WENN


Lala Anthony and Kim Kardashian have more than being self-made moguls in common; they are also totally like best friends! Kim threw Lala’s bachelorette party and was also apart of Anthony’s bridal party when she finally wed basketball star husband Carmelo Anthony.

Jimmy Fallon & Justin TimberlakeTIMBERLAKE PROMO

You may not think these two would ever run in the same circles, but they actually have a little circle of their own! The two have done everything together publicly from events and SNL tapings to GQ magazine interviews!

Victoria Beckham & Katie Holmes HOLMES BECKHAM WENN


Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes are more than just camera buddies! These two have been there for one another during their toughest times, including Holmes’ divorce from Tom Cruise. Beckham was the first person Holmes called during her time of need, and she served as a support system during her struggle.

Salma Hayek & Penelope CruzHAYEK CRUZ WENN


If you don’t think these two are best friends, maybe the fact that they had to publicly go record in announcing they aren’t lesbian lovers will convince you! Yes, the pair were attached to the hip so much, they had fans everywhere questioning if they were more than friends!

Jennifer Aniston & Courteney CoxCOX ANISTON WENN


Aren’t these two just adorable on and off the television screen? We think so! These two became best friends after a 10-year run acting the part on the television sitcom Friends. They are also known to go on vacations with one another that receive huge media attention.

Paris Hilton & Lindsay LohanHILTON LOHAN PROMO


These two probably would do a lot better if they didn’t hang out and you know, party and pretty much influence each other to bring out their inner wild sides! Rumor has it this duo’s on-again off-again relationship can never be squandered, no matter how many times they date each other’s exes or Paris calls Lohan a “firecrotch.” Party on ladies.

Nicole Kidman & Naomi Watts KIDMAN WATTS WENN


Nicole Kidman apparently knows how to maintain a long time relationship. But we aren’t talking about her 11-year marriage with ex-husband Tom Cruise, or the marriage she has been in with country singer Keith Urban for seven years. Yeah we know those accomplishments, but her almost 25 year relationship with best friend Naomi Watts is what makes us blush! The two are have been friends since 1989 after meeting on the movie set of Dead Calm.

Tyra Banks & Kimora LeeKimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks


Don’t these two glamazons seem like they deserve one another? Well, that may very well be the case. These two have been friends since the beginning of their supermodel days, and the bond just grew. Banks was the maid of honor in Kimora’s first wedding and is also the godmother of Lee’s eldest daughter!

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    A little inaccuracy in this post… Beyonce is not friend’s with Michelle. Michelle was a former co-worker/assistant. Beyonce is simply cordial with the help.

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    just joking if you’re reading this Michelle.

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