Miley Cyrus Bares All For A Good Cause


We’re not saying we had a pool going, but we knew it was only a matter of time until the new and improved twerk team leader Miley Cyrus bared it all.  What we didn’t expect is that it would be for a good cause– instead of good ole fashion shock value. According to WWD, the poptart is the latest celeb to bare all for Marc Jacob’s charity tees.  The “protect the skin you’re in” campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for skin cancer research.

The t-shirts, which retails for $35, are available at select Marc Jacobs boutique and Marc by Marc Jacobs stores.  Proceeds will benefit the NYU Cancer Institue and NYU Langone Medical Center.

StyleBlazers, will you purchase a shirt?

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  1. says:

    Justin Bieber without clothes on

  2. says:

    “According to WWD, the poptart is the latest celeb to bare all for Marc Jacob’s charity tees.”
    “the poptart”
    miley cyrus is a poptart now

  3. says:

    Miley cyrus is a male trying to look like a female

  4. says:

    Miley Cyrus bared all because she’s desperate for attention. It had nothing to do with any charity – if she really cared she could have donated her own money.

    • says:

      www DOT looktothestars DOT org/celebrity/miley-cyrus

      Summary: Thanks for mindlessly bashing someone without doing even 10 seconds worth of research. You’re clearly a better person than these HEARTLESS celebrities.

      • says:

        Do you want to know why a lot of rich people donate money. It’s not that they care it’s all about taxes. When they donate money they’re taxes go down. They could donate a bit of money and have low taxes vs high taxes. By donating they are all around paying less money than if they were paying the full amount of taxes without donating… Now I’m not saying Miley does it for that reason, I’m just saying it could be.

        • says:

          This is preposterous. The way our marginal tax brakets work is for a single person income tax is 10% for the first $8,925 of adjusted wages. The next $27,325 is taxed at 15% and so on. The top tax bracket wages is 39.6% on wages over $400,000. If someone earned $1 billion they would still pay the same 10% on their first $8,925 of earnings that everyone else does. There is no way that donating money to tax exempt organizations would result in someone keeping more of your income.

          • says:

            This is the same way the NFL became a tax exempt organization. You do get to claim donations on your taxes. That should be common knowledge.

    • says:

      here, here, I agree. She has got the money, so why didn’t she?

  5. says:

    …when did Flava-Flav’s ex-girlfriend do a t-shirt?

  6. says:

    the next lindsey lohan…stupid girls!

  7. says:

    Miley Cyrus bares all for anyone with an ounce of weed and a $100 bill.

  8. says:

    Bruno Mars, Tyler the creator, or Taylor lutherner without cloths on

  9. says:

    My 16 yo niece asked who the H#*L would wear this piece of trash, no matter what the cause?

  10. says:

    Wow. So do all of you people just sit around all day looking for articles to attack and trash talk on? Advice…get a life.

  11. says:

    Why are a bunch of people defending Miley xD I loved her until i met her at a concert and she flipped me off…

  12. says:

    I think the most important message to be gleaned from this shirt is the correct use of the word “you’re” Props to Miley for aligning herself with good grammar!

  13. says:

    am i the only one to think she looks like bieber? o.0

  14. says:

    Kind of ironic. “protect skin you’re in” but cover it with tats.

    • says:

      i don’t think tats cause cancer.

      • says:

        they can cause HIV and Hepatitus

        • says:

          wrong Wrong WRONG !!!!!! HIV and HEP are not caused by getting tattooed they are contracted by fluid transmission!!!!

          • says:

            What do you think ink is, fluid, and if it not cleaned right it could harbor many bad bacteria and cause a serious infection. Not too long ago there was a dentist that had to lose his license here because his instruments weren’t clean enough. He ended up giving some of his patients aids.

          • says:

            and again clean ink from the factory is not going to give you aids. a dirty needle could but anyone who get tattooed these days should know to watch them open the needle and ink unless you are in prison of course… so I still stand by my former statement!!!! ppppttttthhhhhhhttttttt!!!!!!!

          • says:

            You contradict yourself. You know that right? You can get HIV and AIDS from getting tattooed whether it’d be by ink or needle. You put a dirty needle into ink, the ink becomes contaminated. You obviously know hardly anything. A lot of people who get tattooed these days are fad followers. They don’t usually look for clean and sanitary businesses. Then you have the people who have their own ink and tattoo gun who think they can do tattoos.

          • says:

            what is a tattoo besides fluid transmission with a needle into your body. The ink or the needle could be contaminated. idiot.

  15. says:

    looks like justin bieber w/o a penis lol

  16. says:

    You spelt “Whored herself out for attention” wrong.

  17. says:

    I’d nail her heart..hear achy breaky heart.

  18. says:

    Miley is a Pop singer. And tart is an old word for being raunchy (or “slut-ish”)

  19. says:

    Miley – the new Madonna!

    • says:

      I love to watch her sing,you know ,straight up, just the mike and her own heart,she has nothing to prove to me.i shall not judge,.living a little she deserves.have fun stay true to yourself.scott modery,hermon maine

  20. says:

    id like to eat that pop tart

  21. says:

    i bet she taste great good and clean natural taste

  22. says:

    WTF does her dad say about his kid acting like a boy ?

  23. says:

    That little bitchasshoe just needs to get rapped in the butt hole and then she’ll behave..

    • says:

      Los, you sure do give Christians a bad name and represent them very poorly. I’m amazed that nobody in here has told you that. Your message gets lost in your juvenile drivel.

  24. says:

    Y are yall worried about wat she do. It doesnt matter because it not you

  25. says:

    Miley may be in this carefully orchestrated series of sensationalistic ‘exposures’ for good causes, and this might not yet be fully realized, and certainly not fully understood. Let’s give her a break until we see what unfolds in the coming months, or years.

  26. says:

    Isnt this considered child pornography?

  27. says:

    Some one feed her a twinky

  28. says:

    When will Miley Cyrus go away? She is SO trailer. Also, where in the world does she get off wearning MIchael Jordan’s number and name? She wasn’t even BORN in his hey day. So gross.

  29. says:

    There’s a fine line between classy and trashy and shes caught somewhere in clashy.

  30. says:

    …. REALLY? This is what is comes down to? Her bare body becoming a symbol for good cause…. I have nothing else to say but: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??!!?!

  31. says:

    Way to change things up a bit, Miley, baring it all for a good reason rather than the usual no good reason.

  32. says:

    I caught VD jsut looking at taht shirt.

  33. says:

    I caught VD just looking at that shirt.

  34. says:

    Regardless of anyone’s opinion, she’s laughing all the way to the bank. Some people have different priorities. Who are you to judge?

  35. says:

    IMHO if she had real, enduring talent she would not feel the need to act and show what she has been lately. It’s just a way of garnering attention. She’s gotten attention but her singing hasn’t.

  36. says:

    NO. Don’t care much for SKANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0)~~~

  37. says:

    Natural selection should’ve killed a lot of people off by now…

  38. says:

    Miley is nothing but a skank. And since when has PETA been a “good cause”. They are nothing but a bunch of clueless idiots that border on being domestic terrorist.

  39. says:

    As the old adage goes, HATERs gonna HATE.

  40. says:

    A lot of hate and jealous behavior from people that probably call themselves “christian”

  41. says:

    So Miley…when are you going to let your menstal period flow on the stage…and you roll around in it….anybody want to make a bet ?????…imo…..

  42. says:

    Miley Cyrus is going to be the next Lindsey Lohan. No place to go but down. They are talking about deporting Justin Bieber because of his behavior. They can send Miley with him. Used to like her, but she is no longer a good roll model for those watching her and listening to her music.

  43. says:

    what about the skin that angora rabbits are in? marc jacobs is selling fur that is ripped off of live rabbits while they are screaming. they should be protecting that first

  44. says:

    who in their right mind would even listen to a dumb exhibitionist.

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