Keyshia Cole Offers Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Shoe Line

Keyshia Cole Offers Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Shoe Line


Call us old-fashioned but we prefer it when singers just sing, actors simply act and designers create beautiful wearable pieces of art.  But sadly, that doesn’t stop the seasonal influx of celebrities turn part-time designer from debuting their lines.  Admittedly, there are a few that successful cross over , but for every success story there are dozens that inflict permanent retina scarring.  The latest celeb to try her hand at fate and cross the great divide into the realm of fashion designer is Keyshia Cole.  The singer recently gave fans a taste of what to expect from her shoe line with Steve Madden as she tweeted, “Got my own shoes (Literally) in my closet. These are not all of them, but its kinda dope to see em lined up! #SoBossy.”

From the pictures we’ve seen so far we can’t say we are fans, but we will hold off judgment until we see the collection in its entirety and in person; though we doubt our opinions will change.

Look below to judge for yourself!









StyleBlazers, what are your thoughts?

  • jerrylarry

    cute i’m happy for keisha she needs to branch out got keep that money girrl!