Trend Alert: Dad Jeans Just Got Some Major Street Cred

Trend Alert: Dad Jeans May Be Making A Major Comeback (How To Do It Without Doing It)

trend alert dad jeansPhotos: WENN

“Dad-jeans-back-al-right!  Sorry, we wanted to break the news to you gently, but it sounded even better in Backstreet. Dad jeans and Backstreet—two things we thought we left behind in the 90s, but like we said, dad jeans are back, reports the NYTimes. If you want to throw a hissy fit and whine and stomp your feet, go ahead, because we are not too happy about the news ourselves. Who wants to see men in navel grazing jeans that creates unflattering pockets of air and disproportionately long buttocks? Not us. So before the man in your life falls victim to this trend we urge you to interject.  Luckily, 20JEANS, a new men’s e-tailer, has edgy and on-trend men’s basics, making it very easy to stylishly dabble in the latest trends.

Shop these jeans from the e-tailer that offer a ‘dad-esque jeans’ quality with their faded wash but skip the unflattering fit.


img_3911 Grab ‘n Go Blue Straight Leg Jeans 




img_0002_1_1Parlez Vous Blue Jeans





 Blu-Tang Clan Jeans