Tuesday Tips: Dress Up Your Nails...In Your Outfit!

Tuesday Tips: Dress Up Your Nails…In Your Outfit!


Photo: Pinterest

Another Tuesday, another awesome nail art look found on Pinterest, and naturally we had to share with you guys.

This week we’re totally loving the idea of getting inspiration from our outfit. With prints being so big over the last few seasons, and garments coming in such cool, brilliant shades, it’s a wonder we didn’t shop our closet for nail looks sooner.

Just grab a favorite item in your wardrobe and take note of the elements that speak to you the most—certain colors, patterns, etc. Now take that and transfer it onto your nails in the form of a cool design. The design in our inspo pic uses the print as an accent coupled by bold coral on the other digits, which is a really easy way to rock the style.

You can go free-hand or why even reinvent the wheel when you can try something as super simple as Incoco Nail Polish Strips, which come in a WIDE range of pattern and shade selections.


Will you be trying this week’s nail look?

  • iwantthat

    Thats cool…

    • anonamiss ONE

      I want thaaat!! Those are so cool love the coral with the black and white