Kelis Examined: What’s Going On With Her Style?

  • MimiLBC

    Forget the horns…peep the grey. This was in 2010. Three yrs later Riri is rocking it. And when Kelis cut her hair and shaved the sides in 2005…4 yrs ‘ll later everyone else starts doing it. Her last album Acapella…electronic and techo based. Fast forward to this last yr. Everyone had a techo sound. Kelis is and always has been a trend setter. Well beyond her yrs. Everyone else catches on way later. She is the sh!t.

  • Suggah B

    Kelis’s style is awesome.. YOU GUYS ARE JUST LATE.. that is what makes her so awesome.. Her style is still EPIC.. clearly SHE IS STILL SETTING TRENDS.. i agree with MiMiLBC … She is not your AVERAGE R & B singer .. in fact .. she is not THAT AT she is right on par with where she should be .. fashion or otherwise.. “soulful” whatever.. you guys want everyone to be cookie cutter.. Get on board

  • Jovoni

    Follow her Instagram @sausageandboots ! She hasn’t lost it, those were just a few fashion mishaps from years ago posted up top!

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