'Scandal' Clothing Line In The Works? Costume Designer Talks Show Details

‘Scandal’ Clothing Line In The Works? Costume Designer Talks Show Details

Scandal review 2Photo: ABC Studios


As if ABC’s prime-time show “Scandal” doesn’t have enough amazing things going for it –including unbelievable ratings, Emmy nominations and a social media craze– there’s something else fans may be able to look for. In an interview with Fashionista the show’s costume designer, Lyn Paolo talked to the site about the characters and influence behind their attire.

Paolo has previously worked on the sets of “The West Wing” and “Shameless,” but “Scandal” required a different sort of approach to add color to the characters. The veteran talks about this and more in the intimate interview.


olivia-pope-scandal-leather-opera-glovesPhoto: ABC Studios


On initially getting the job: “[I said] Whomever this character ends up being played by, she’s her own person and, if I get hired, I would really strive to do something different and bring a fashion sensibility to the character. I would like for her to be a beacon of light.’Shonda [Rhimes] loved it; she called me the next day and said ‘we really want you to do it.’”

On why Olivia Pope often wears all-white: “When you have Kerry standing in a room with nine other people and they’re all in their tones, she pops in white; and to balance that light is very difficult.”

On a possible clothing line: “We’re just throwing around ideas with several different people, and getting a sense if we can do it and learning about the parameters. We’re trying to figure out how to do it so that it’s not too out of the price range that most people can afford, and yet somehow create something for people to have a piece of the Olivia Pope look.”

For the full interview, go here.

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