Tuesday Tips: Easy Eqyptian-Inspired Nail Art

Tuesday Tips: Easy Eqyptian-Inspired Nail Art

Photo: Pinterest

Happy Tuesday, StyleBlazers! Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Tips where we fawn over (and copy) the hottest nail art looks found on Pinterest.

This week we’re all about this fierce Egyptian-inspired look that features awesome hand-painted designs. It only looks tough to execute, but when you break it down, just about any nail newbie can rock it out.

You’ll need:


  • Small metallic studs (you can snag these at your local craft store)
  • Nail glue

Paint your nails with the black laquer and add one coat of the matte top coat (leaving your ring fingers for the gold polish). Let the nails dry completely. Then take your nail art pen and carefully draw the imitation hieroglyphics (it looks hard, but they’re really just perpendicular lines draw in secession. Ditto the “Pharaoh” face—it doesn’t need to be exact. Then add the studs with nail glue (use a pair of tweezers so you don’t get your hands all messy) and you’re done!

  • jucifer

    This is greek NOT EGYPTIAN – Get it together dummies!!!