14 TV Shows We Wish Would Come Back On The Air!

14 TV Shows We Wish Would Come Back On The Air!


They say all good things must come to an end and sadly the old adage applies to our favorite TV shows as well. Take a look at 14 shows we wish would have never ended:

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Ummm this list sucks!

    • MasterOfSparks

      Agreed! Probably the biggest screw up in cancelation history is Freaks & Geeks. It only got one season. Yet the show gets an 8.9/10 on IMDB and most of the cast went on to GREAT success. And its not even on the list!

      • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

        Your reply brings be to tears!!! (in a good way) Freaks & Geeks SO deserved to be brought back!!!! But look at the network kicking themselves in the a$$ now… ALL of them blew up beyond their expectations…lmao! But real talk Freaks & Geeks was and will always be my show. They need to put in in syndication on more stations.

  • oppa

    Daria is the only one that I agree with.

    • akwgreenzbk

      Agreed! Daria was the business. I’m trying to get all the season on dvd!

  • Christopher H

    Ok, first off let’s change the title to “14 Shows We(if We means women) Wish Would Come Back On The Air!”. These are ALL chick shows. What, no Firefly? Expand your horizons, dearie.

    • Pamala Vela

      I’m a chick and I never watched any of these shows. They are all a bunch of stupid soap operas!
      Yeah Firefly, Enterprise, Earth2 would be nice to see again.

  • yes i completely agree with Daria …. i still catch it now on MTV2 when it airs every once in a blue moon.

  • Canada Guy

    Good that you asked the women on the USA, but what about the male population? Don’t they have a say? (And don’t even attempt to say it was an even vote)

  • shamrock

    Bringing Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica back might be a bit awkward considering they’re divorced and have children with other people now.

  • praxit

    yea….bring back the Charmed girls. Of course with Rosie. I got my popcorn ready..

  • Sarah Grothe

    They still play Friends. They play it everyday on tbs and every night on nick at night.

  • Walt Robinson

    “14 TV Shows WOMEN Wish Would Come Back On The Air”

  • Chris Turner

    Your list here sucks royally. Only Friends was the only show worth watching on this entire list. I am glad you aren’t in charge of reruns on my tv channels.

  • Tym Mac

    Change the title of this article to “14 TV Shows WOMEN Wish Would Come Back On The Air!”

  • highdesertslim

    As per my icon, the greatest TV show ever, “Mystery Science Theater 3000”. Then again, NBC should put “Community” on a regular basis, not mid-season replacement. “Life” and “Judging Amy” were both dramas I enjoyed, and left the airwaves long before their time.

    • Pamala Vela

      YES! MST3K!!! The DVDs are hellishly expensive, too.

  • picnicfun

    All for the women all the time. Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, and Charmed once in awhile I’d agree with. The rest make me sick.
    What I’d want brought back: New Amsterdam-well done, not given a chance.. The 4400, well done, not given a chance. Mystery Science Theater 3000. A version of The Untouchables with the Robert Stack music. Undercovers, well done, not given a chance. Joan of Arcadia, I’ll never understand why that intelligent show was taken off.

  • BruceMorgan

    Sure am glad I threw out my lobotomy box when everyone else went digital. It’s still a wasteland.

  • nonsenseyousay

    No Seinfeld?

    • DoucheOwebama

      F*CK Seinfeld, that unfunny hack piece of sh*t…

  • 4RealTV

    This list should be called “14 TV shows 14 year old girls would like to come back on the air”. Laguna Beach and The Hills?? No one over the age of 14 or who had an IQ of over 100 actually watched those shows! I agree with Friends, SATC, and Daria, but how can you even have them in the same league as Nick and Jessica, when they got divorced like a year (maybe it was 2, who the hell remembers or cares!) after it was aired.

  • Floyd the Wonder Cat

    Well, I know who I’m voting for in the “Shallowest Woman in the U.S.” competition now.

  • John

    “Dead Like Me”

    • C716

      John….. wow, you are SO dead on with DLM… Very cool show and hell yes I miss it.

  • John

    Writers must be desperate to come up with new things to write about

  • Tardy Turtle

    Sketchemegowza! No ‘Greg the Bunny’ or ‘The Tick,’ so this list is meaningless.

  • Jana

    These are not shows, these are teenage drivel….

  • highdesertslim

    Pamela: like most music ever recorded, thank goodness for YouTube, virtually everyone episode of “MST3K” is on there, be it starring Joel, or Mike, or what’s her face (when the show “jumped the shark”, sadly).

  • Pete

    14 shows, you mean that people thank god every day are off the air? You want a list of 14 great shows that if still on the air today nobody would ever leave the house, here you go. 1. Cheers, 2.Sienfeld, 3. Night Court, 4. Happy Days, 5. Dukes of Hazard, 6. Matlock, 7. Knight Rider (original only not the awful reboot) 8. Miami Vice, 9. Knots Landing, 10.All in the Family, 11. Married With Children, 12.Unsolved Mysteries, 13.Hill Street Blues 14. Magnum PI. All of these shows at some point in their runs were must see TV, not the crap you see today.

  • Duh

    With lists like this, it reminds me NEVER link to this site ever again! Tiffany obviously has to move out of her parents basement now. It is time Tiffany. To paraphrase Shatner on SNL: “So… move out of your parent’s basements! And get your own apartments and GROW THE HELL UP!”

    Should be re-titled :

    14 TV Shows 7th Graders Wish Would Come Back On The Air!

  • Worse list possible. Glad they are all gone.