15 of The Most Difficult Celebrities To Work With!

Hollywood Drama: 15 of The Most Difficult Female Celebrities To Work With!

Celebrity divas are nothing new to the industry or the fans that read about them. Although a lot of celebs try to pride themselves on being humble and down-to-earth, there are others that just don’t care. They have demands that need to be met! Go figure. Whether they are rattling off laundry list for the décor of their dressing rooms or not talking to co-stars on their sets, these celebs have really ruffled some industry feathers. Check out 15 celebs who may have invisibly branded the word “brat” before their name.



Nicki Minaj never forgets to thank her fans for making her the performer that she is today, but what about the people that work with her on an everyday basis. What do they think of Ms. Minaj? According to co-host Mariah Carey, who worked very closely with her on American Idol, Nicki can be quite a handful to deal with on any set. With rumors that she felt Mariah was getting more attention than she was on set, Nicki eventually became irate during the gig, even making threats toward Mariah’s family. Wow, real cool Nicki!

Jennifer AnistonANISTON WENN


Doesn’t Jennifer Aniston seem so down-to-earth during all those red carpet interviews and comedic characters she plays? Well, apparently it’s all a front. While working on the cast of Friends, several co-stars say they would sit and eat lunch together, but Jennifer would just rush in to grab her lunch and leave, never speaking to anyone until the cameras were up.

Lindsay LohanLOHAN WENN copy


Lindsay Lohan may be one of the most troubled actresses to ever step on a stage, but that hardly means she doesn’t deserve to have demands met, right? Rumor has it Lohan would show up to several sets very late and demand they get started right way, but of course, not before she would go to her dressing room to have hair and make-up done.

Ashlee SimpsonSIMPSON WENN


What has Ashlee Simpson done again to be so difficult? We aren’t really sure, but apparently this girl isn’t the nicest co-star to be on set with. Simpson was allegedly fired from Melrose Place because she always super late and no one liked working with her. Sources say her presence created, “a deep discord among fellow cast members.” Ouch!



While Madonna has a reputation for being one the best entertainers to live, she also earned herself a rep for being one of the biggest divas! That’s right, apparently Madonna isn’t the nicest person to work with on or off set. Even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson allegedly didn’t care for Madonna. Madonna doesn’t mind it though. While it may attach negativity to her work ethic, she says “I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a Beyotch, okay.”



While people can usually sing nothing but praises when it comes to mega-star Beyonce, the singer had 2013 Super Bowl officials saying the complete opposite. Headlines everywhere stated Beyonce was by far the “Most Difficult Celebrity” ever! Officials say Beyonce’s list of demands stretched so far, being so absurd there was no way they could accommodate her. The list included $6,000 of imported cigars for hubby Jay-Z to puff on as she performed and that baby Blue Ivy’s $233,000 carriage be flown in! Wow!



Mila Kunis looks like one of the sweetest souls to ever walk the earth, but according to sources this chick has a bit of a mean streak. It’s reported that Mila once showed up for an on-camera interview hours late, and told the interviewers to “make this 10 minutes,” because she had other things to do!

Gwyneth PaltrowPALTROW WENN


Ms. Paltrow has been in the business for a long time so maybe that’s the reason she treats journalist like has-beens when it’s time to sit down for interviews with them. Is there some sort of vendetta? We aren’t sure, but it is clear to any journalist that has the privilege to work with her that she can be cold as ice and may not answer all your questions, Oh, how lovely.

Jennifer LopezLOPEZ WENN copy


Everyone has a bit of diva in them, even ole’ Jenny from the block. It’s been rumored that Lopez can go on a terror streak if her demands aren’t met before she shows up for gigs.

Mariah CareyCAREY WENN


We aren’t sure if it’s a secret anymore that Mariah Carey is one of the most demanding singers in the entertainment business, but if you didn’t know, now you do! Joining her nemesis Nicki Minaj on the list of most difficult celebrities, Carey can be quite the handful both on and off gigs. Sources say, Mariah was a “nightmare to work with,” and “ridiculously nit-picky” during her time judging American Idol. Wow, maybe there was some truth to what Nicki was saying!



Naomi Campbell has an infamous reputation for being one of the meanest supermodels, ever! Campbell has never been shy about admitting she is very angry, even going on The Tyra Banks Show to openly apologize to Tyra Banks for terrorizing her during their earlier modeling years. Campbell says she has since been seeking therapy to help with her issues.



Wondering why Shannon Doherty is doing all those college commercials these days? Well, apparently a bad attitude get you nowhere in the acting industry. Doherty was fired from Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed because she just couldn’t get along with her co-stars! Doherty’s attitude was so bad she wouldn’t even speak to Alyssa Milano unless the camera was on.

Christina AguileraCHRISTINA WENN


Christina has more issues than people think, well, at least when it comes to working with people. She is another one who holds no punches when it comes to icing out interviewers. It was even reported that Christina showed up to a radio station so rigid that the host was afraid to interview her! She even had The Voice co-host Adam Levine calling her names that we can’t mention


Katherine HeiglHEIGL WENN


Katherine Heigl may be sending her career a death threat, if she continues the route she’s chosen. How so? Well, Heigl hasn’t built the greatest reputation among show producers. One in particular, Shonda Rhimes, decided she had enough of Heigl’s behavior in 2008 when Heigl refused to enter her name for Emmy consideration. Heigl says she didn’t think her part was written well enough by Rhines to ever be considered for an Emmy, and refused to submit to the invitation. Needless to say Heigl was eventually killed off the show, and things haven’t been that great for her since.

Mischa BartonMISCHA WENN


 This Gossip Girl actress apparently wasn’t so nice to work with on the set. Not only was her character killed off because of her bad behavior, but her destructive behavior during other acting gigs, including The CW’s The Beautiful Life and Law & Order: SVU have led her in the acting dog house.

  • stacie

    KH i totally believe. There were rumors about her attitude way back during her Roswell days

  • Atl Finest

    Nicki had to serve the entire young money crew to get to were she is today. She probably can’t even look at herself in the mirror so that is the reason for her antics especially not wanting others to look at her in the eye. I actually feel sorry that she wanted fame so much. As far as the demands what many don’t realize is the managers be behind those demands and the star may not even know. I remember a few years ago an A list star fired her agent cause she found out the ridiculous demands her queen of an agent was making behind her back. A lot of times the agent lives through the star they represent.

  • WenRaz

    How does Jennifer Aniston rushing to grab her lunch and not sitting with the other cast members translate into being difficult to work with?

    • Lenn Liggins

      I eat my lunch alone, because I love to read, does that make me hard to get along with?

      • WenRaz

        Well, the “writer” of this article would say so. I would disagree.

      • jeronimo_dan

        Hey, she’s probably a great kid, but her tit’s are starting to sag, but we all go south at a certain time. Hang in there Jennifer…

        • queenrosered

          That’s a sexiest and unnecessary remark Jer. Besides, your ballsac is starting to sag. Hang out there….

          • defiant1

            jeronimo and queen–keep your vile remarks in your head, not necessary to the conversation.

          • queenrosered

            I’ve seen many of YOUR comments online and you are NO ONE to police what anyone else has to say. You’re just another one of those RepubliTHUGS. For any man to say of an actress “her **** are starting to sag” is a sexist remark. As a woman, I have a right (some would even argue a DUTY!) to point this out. So stop trying to control me. You’d have better luck tilting at windmills, Don Quixote.

          • Lucas Haehn

            So you don’t want people to control you but you want to control other peoples speech? Wow.

          • Lucas Haehn

            Why become a hypocrite?

    • MrMcPoo

      She’s a stuck up anti social snob. And ugly too.

      • MagicLady

        You’re just jealous

      • fourscoreandseven

        Being particular who you spend time with is NOT anti-social; it’s SMART!

        Jennifer is beautiful, like a real person; Angelina looks like a shot-up freak!

        I prefer her to a stuck-up judgmental snob like you!

        (Anyone can be accused of being “stuck-up,” even you!)

      • defiant1

        Mr. Poo, to each his own!

    • Jenni

      Most of this stuff is made up.

    • Dawg

      Doubt they wrote everything they found, but not eating lunch is a little skimpy on reasoning.

    • lovingsunshine87

      I don’t believe that one. I read an article years ago that said she and Courtney would share a salad at lunch during the show almost everyday. I remember it because I would laugh at the thought of sharing a salad.

      • fourscoreandseven

        That is PROBABLY how they stayed so thin; LOL
        Three of us would shared a LARGE pizza most Fridays! (No one a size zero.)

    • BOOYA!

      I was wondering that. I hate eating lunch with my coworkers daily. You need some time to think! Plus I hate people watching me eat. That was a petty one…

    • Late

      Who can blame her. That show sucks

    • robotnik

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I like to eat alone, or take a nap, or read during lunch. Is that evil?

  • Pendy1

    Gwyneth Paltrow is also a pretentious jerk, who “can’t wait to get back to Europe” where peoples are so much more refined.

    • MrMcPoo

      And where no one cares if you bathe regularly or smell.

      • Eva Amore

        Clearly you know don’t know enough about Europe.

        • fourscoreandseven

          He pops off with zero information.

      • fourscoreandseven

        What are you TALKING ABOUT?

        I spend a month a year in Europe and that is a FALSE accusation.

        I would teach you a bit of history, since you have such bad information; but it would be a lesson in futility.

  • WheeWhee

    I am not surprised by any of these women being called divas. In my book, every one of them is a pathetic, laughable, jerk that is full of themselves. How can they really take themselves so seriously? It is a joke. Why people take them seriously is beyond me. Lets see how they stack up to other women who truly have sacrificed and who are heroic? Get over yourselves, girls. You really are nothing special.

    • johnsnare

      Exactly right,WhwwWhee. They have to use the same method we little folk have to resort to, when we relieve ourselves.

    • Jenny Doe

      Do you know any of the people on a personal level? No. So what gives you the right to call them anything pertaining to their character? Oh yea, nothing.

    • MagicLady

      Can anyone take you seriously with a name like WheeWhee? LOL

    • fourscoreandseven

      Hating and judging is easy.
      Loving and understanding is difficult.
      That’s why there are so many hateful, judgmental people; it’s easy!

  • evangelinebrabant

    So, Aniston did not eat lunch with her fellow actors. This makes her difficult to work with?

  • Stereoandre

    This entire set of supposed “sins” by the aforementioned celebrities reads like it was written by a catty subpar jurno who got his a.s handed to him on a platter a couple of times by a famous so and so, and is now crying in a corner somewhere. Just because someone can’t be bothered to be interviewed by a gossip columnist doesn’t make them difficult to work with: they just don’t care about you, and what you do. It’s their right. I read it front to back because i actually work with celebrities on movie sets every day and wanted to know if they are even close. NOT!

    • MagicLady

      Alexis can be a man or a woman. Just sayin’

  • Jdub

    I find it hard to believe that of all of the people in Hollywood, the most difficult celebrities to work with are all women. There are plenty of stories of men that are difficult too.

    • Scotty Rew

      Another genius who didn’t bother to note the title of the article…

  • johnsnare

    They all have to drop their pants in order to take a crap. No different then the rest of we poor folks.

  • comountains1

    Interesting that no men were mentioned.

    • cocorosco

      That’s what I said! This list is biased

      • Ginger

        The title says female celebrities. That’s why there aren’t any men mentioned.

    • MagicLady

      The title says females. Learn how to read.

    • bj

      Well the title of article did say female celebrities!! I wish they hadn’t brought back Christina to Voice. She’s too b i t c h y!!

  • skytag

    “Doesn’t Jennifer Aniston seem so down-to-earth during all those red carpet interviews and comedic characters she plays?”

    No, her characters seem very self-absorbed.

    • MrMcPoo

      Skytag… don’t say characterS’, she is a lousy actress. She is the same character no matter what show or movie she is in. She always plays a flustered pain in the butt yenta. She just plays her real self.

    • Jenny Doe

      Its a character on a set where the directors most likely told her the kind of attitude and personality the character should have.

  • mel

    I know people who work in the film industry. My roommate worked on a recent Gwyneth Paltrow movie and she told me that she was never happy on set and complained the whole time while shooting. I guess it is true, money can’t buy you happiness or class.

    • ariagirl

      So sad, I don’t care how talented you are, you should be allowed to treat people like they’re the dust beneath your feet. She’s a moron.

    • RV

      I would love to see a director create a movie starring all 15 of these celebrities. Obviously, the movie will never get done, but they should secretly tape all the backstage drama and air it as a reality show.

      • Jenni

        Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come. ~Robert H. Schuller

      • Jenni

        Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come. ~Robert H. Schuller

    • Margaret

      I’ve heard that about Gwyneth as well from crew members in London when she was shooting there. They said she was bitchy, cold and demanding, and couldn’t wait till the shoot was over.

  • Cheryl J. Brock

    Interesting – since she is the Godmother of Courtney Cox’s daughter.

  • JDiva

    Really? Then how did Courtney Cox get to be one of her best friends? And just because she didn’t eat lunch with everyone else doesn’t make her unfriendly. Maybe she did something else on her lunch break, like work out or learn her lines.

  • cocorosco

    Where are the dudes?

    • Scotty Rew

      Obviously you didn’t read the title of the article. Guess they had a hard time finding any “dude” female celebrities….

  • neutral_corner

    I would imagine that Gwenyth Paltrow treats journalists like “has-beens” because people who make their careers by writing about acting celebrities are our civilization’s lowest form of professional leech.

  • Jesse Pinkman

    We should remember these celebrity monsters are ones we created. If you stop paying attention to them and giving them your money, they cease to exist.

    • Sea

      100% correct.

    • Luxomni

      Most of them are not going to be long remembered. A couple are celebrities only in their own minds.

    • MagicLady


    • robotnik

      They never got anything from me. I did watch one Lohan movie though, when she was a kid; “Double Trouble” That’s about it.

    • JPX

      Most of these celebrities have severe personality disorders including Borderline Personality and Narcissistic Personality.

    • fromperpig

      “Stop giving them money?” You’ve got to start before you stop, no?

    • Adrian

      The question is: Is the product they offer worth more or less to you than some story about how they relate to everyone but you?

  • ms20

    Rushing in to grab her lunch makes Jennifer Aniston “difficult”?? not in my book.

  • Joel Ekern

    I wonder how many of them are sick of being stalked by said journalists.

  • NAN752

    Not surprised about any of them except for Mila Kunis. I didn’t think she was snotty like that..but I guess being a celebrity, for some, will eventually do things to the brain. Sad…

  • Don

    This article is one of the most ridiculously unfounded accusatory article I have read in a while. It consists of your own “stories” which appear to be totally unfounded. On top of that, there are so many spelling, grammatical, and just plain old errors in the writing that I find myself wondering if you wrote the damn thing on your cell phone. The trash we accept now as being press and the hacks that call themselves journalists is a joke. Consider yourself a proud member of that group.

  • ariagirl

    Nicki Minaj, has stones to act like a diva, and no talent to back it up. Sad……

  • ariagirl

    Lindsay Lohan, talented but no brain or perception……

  • ariagirl


  • Anastasia Beaverhousin

    Why was this list segregated just for women and not “15 of the most difficult celebrities to work with”. I’ve heard horror stories about demanding, too big for their britches men too. So what gives? It doesn’t surprise me that these women you list are difficult to work with, most of which are very open about how demandly diva-ish they are; but I’m terribly disappointed that it’s only women that you list. It just goes back to the same biased opinion this world has of women AND it alienates your readers! Shame on you.

    • voodoochild1975

      Yeah, I have heard Tom Cruise is not always the easiest guy to work with, Bruce Willis has one hell of a mean streak etc. I don’t think celebrity ego is gender limited.

  • OCRazor

    Ashlee Simpson and Celebrity does not equate.

  • Patricia Powell

    I was a volunteer at the California Womens Conference a few years ago and J-LO was one of the speakers. After receiving her lengthy list of demands they realized they did not have the right “brand” of bottled water she requested. Everyone was so terrified or her reaction (from past experience) they sent someone to purchase it to avoid a meltdown.

    • goofyjj

      I don’t understand that. Why not just give her whatever water they had on hand. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to drink it or she can bring her own. The reason these “celebrities” act like that is that people let them.

      If they decide to cancel or leave a commitment, the host has every right to say “well she pitched a fit that we didn’t have her favorite water”. The overdemanding celebrities need to get over themselves

      (I refuse to call them Divas. A TRUE diva is reserved for opera, not women with whiny demands)

  • fringer

    i was on another article when i saw a link to this and for a second i thought gwyneth paltrow was anna torv and i flew into the sun screaming “IS THAT MY OLIVIA DUNHAM” and then i was so confused

  • guest

    Lisa Kudrow shared that she and Courtney Cox ate lunch with aniston everyday and had the same salad, created by aniston every day. How is that not having lunch with co-workers?

  • Polly

    I remember something about the Friends cast having lunch together all of the time, but even if one of them chose to not eat with other cast members, how does that make one difficult? Everyone needs a break.

  • Independent Tom

    I never realized Nicki Minaj was a real person… I always thought she was a computer generated tart designed to concentrate every possible abrasive quality into a simulated metaphor of “difficult” combined with deliberate ugliness.

  • despayre

    This list was interesting but some of the “decisions” on the person being difficult came from ONE example, Mila Kunis was in a rush and late one time? Someone apparently saw Jennifer Aniston in a rush at some point? Others are a given, it just seems obvious that Gwyneth is a horrible human being and that the “divas” think they have to act superior because of their belief of the definition of the word Diva. And Naomi Campbell, well… imagine working with violence all day long? 😉

  • Michael Miller

    Are any of these commenters ACTUALLY acquainted with any of the above mentioned celebrities? There appear to be several “posters” with opinions regarding these people and I do not believe they know of what they speak of. In other words, if you cannot prove your celebrity-slams, then STFU!

  • zaz_cag

    Where’s F. Murray Abraham?

  • Scotty Rew

    Shannon Doherty obviously still bitter about having one eye on her cheek and the other on her forehead.

  • madraz

    All women notice that !

  • Surprise

    Newsflash: Beautiful celebrities are bitchy & spoiled!

  • Panah Neshati

    They forgot Justin Bieber.

  • Christian

    there is nothing wrong with that. She’s her own person.

  • kkd

    G Paltrow has always led a very privileged life. If it were not for all of her parents’ money when she was growing up, the blonde scarecrow looking person would be nothing.

  • M.

    Um, Izzie Stevens (Heigl’s character) wasn’t killed off the show… Simple research before writing an article is generally a good idea…

  • Dawg

    Glad they said celebrities and not stars. Most of these aren’t, but a couple used to be.

  • Guest


  • Grizz

    What do you expect from people who get the asses kissed constantly? If the people in charge told the Prima-donnas to go F$%^ themselves over stupid demands and fired them for treating staff and crew like dirt then they might learn something.

  • Svenghooli

    funny how all these self absorbed people have a vagina….

  • JJGordon

    Ahh, so the difficult Ms Barton was killed off on Gossip Girls was she? Kind of undermines the credibility of the reporting, IMHO.

  • chipara

    Oh, Yeah!! News flash nikki minaj is not, I say not a celebrity…

  • chipara

    lindsey LoHo is not an actor..she’s a drug user…

  • chipara

    Madonna is the Queen…All hale the Queen…She’s gotten where she is in the man’s world by working her butt off…

  • chipara

    beyonce is a straight up Fakecunt an lier, she never was pregnant…

  • chipara

    OMG..J.Ho is a SuperCunt… We all know that…

  • chipara

    mariah is fat old and ugly…go away all ready…

    • KingLeo

      We obviously have two different definitions of the word FAT!

  • Rick Eger

    This article is very upsetting, I probably won’t be able too sleep for weeks..

  • Alan Rubin

    Funny, how all these celebs that are hard to work with are female. Nicki Minaj is nothing but Garbaj. In other words, pure trash.

  • Isbonifacio

    That Nicki Minaj is one ugly biatch…

  • cray74

    I’m trying to figure out the logic of some of these actresses being rated most difficult to work with.

    Jennifer Anniston: Evidence provided is that she doesn’t have lunch with costars. So? You’re difficult to work with if you demand coworkers bring you lunch and wrap their schedules around your schedule, not because you didn’t hangout.

    Mila Kunis: Evidence given is a single day where she orders things to be snappy, balanced against a reputation (something built on many points of evidence) of being a nice person. I’m getting the impression author Alexis Webb doesn’t understand basic statistics: you need multiple data points to really establish a trend.

    Gwynneth Paltrow: Not my favorite actress, but the proof is that she’s a difficult actress to work with comes from her treatment of non-actors (reporters) who are not involved in her acting performances? Sure, and I’m a bad driver because I leave the toilet seat up. No, these points are not related.

    Katherine Heigl: Has the artistic integrity to tell off her boss (to the point of saying she doesn’t like her own character) and suffers for it. Again, this gives no indication of how difficult Katherine is to work with.

    Someone who is difficult to work with is someone who doesn’t consider the needs of coworkers, regularly obstructs filming, and is otherwise a pain in the butt on a repeated basis. The snippets provided for Paltrow, Kunis, Anniston, and Heigl don’t show that. Instead, they’re out-of-context bits of gossip that do not demonstrate any trend of being difficult to work with.

    Look, maybe those 4 actresses are evil witches. Maybe they need to drink the blood of virgin kittens before they show up on the set. But, Alexis, you did a poor job of making your case.

  • terry b

    Sounds like a lot of lies out here. Never have heard anything negative said about Mila Kunis by anyone that she has ever worked with. Directors and actors have nothing but positive things to say about her. She has gone out of her way to be nothing but nice on or off stage. She has handled adversity very nicely, also. The woman is all class. Until proven differently she will keep that title up.

  • Carl Watson

    So since Jennifer Aniston doesn’t eat lunch with the rest of the cast it means she is unbearable to work with? Maybe she had other things to do at lunch on her free time. I don’t eat with my co-workers, that is when I make phone calls, go for a walk, etc.

  • Carl Watson

    Like it or not these people worked hard and earned their rights to be douches.

  • MagicLady

    That outfit Jennifer Anniston is wearing in that pic does nothing for her…

  • MagicLady

    Look at all the jealous little nobodies posting lol. Ok, get off the library computer and go back to your minimum wage McJobs.

  • Caroline J.

    this article is completely ridiculous. the fact that the author thinks katherine heigl’s character was killed off grey’s anatomy tells me all i need to know about the validity of the information she’s citing….

  • anni

    Reading about the diva behavior reminded me that two of the greatest female singers who ever sang a note:Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan,got on stage and blew everybody away,but managed to be down-to-earth singers,not impressed with themselves at all.These new”singers,” none of whom can hold a candle to the aforementioned true superstars, will last as long in the memory of those of us who loved them.Divas make me want to PUKE.

  • Meganolia

    I wouldn’t believe one word Maria says. Its PROVEN that Mariahs the one who’s hard to work with. She is so self-centered.

    • Adrian

      Who isn’t?

  • CeceLeBeaux

    This is kind of a stupid article. While there are people in Hollywood who are difficult to work with on a regular basis (I worked in Hollywood and I can name a few), some of the actors in the list above only have one incident charged against them, and everyone has bad days.

    As for how they treat Journalists – often they treat these same actors with disdain, and will write anything horrible about them they can find, true or not. What is surprising about a few of them not wanting to give a media hound the time of day?

  • Reylt

    Most of this is creative speculation and exaggeration.

  • WildBill0283

    It’s still a huge mystery how Naomi Campbell became a supermodel. She’d be more at home in a zoo than on a runway.

  • robotnik

    Who’s Mila Kunis?

  • robotnik

    Who’s Katherine Heigel?

  • mhyke

    I really wouldn’t give too much credence to this article. You can’t please everyone all the time.

  • rogern1967

    Happy to report I didn’t recognize most of these names/faces. Long ago I decided to forgo television and most movies. No need to subject myself to such people.

  • RobbiePaul

    maybe we need out “divas”. Shannon Doughtery and Naomi Campbell are some of my favorites….

  • Zombie Kelly

    This website sucks with all its creepy pop-ups and jumping to the ads section so you can’t even read what you cam here for. Done and donner.

  • aword

    If their men there fighting for artist integrity. If their a woman there difficult.

    Don’t stop being difficult Ladies.

  • jesse

    this website has more pop ups then info about what you are really trying to read. #wannabesellout

  • jesse

    this website is a waste of time websites like this make anything up that might sound true. No one cares what Africa Miranda has to say, if you have to tell people what you are from then that means no one knows you.

  • David Laidig

    Garbage infested website

  • Pizza the Hut

    I hear the writer of this article is a diva

  • JohnCantor

    I love my Gwynnies! <3

  • Winebabe917

    Self-absorbed twits, the whole lot of them.

  • Gordy

    Lindsey looks good!

  • tomasiepants

    Um, honestly…. I’m not a big fan of being social with people I work with. I’m nice. I do my job. Once people start talking religion/politics/personal tastes… basically, once “emotions” get involved, problems happen. Just keep it friendly and keep it generic.

  • tomasiepants

    Dude, there’s so many grammatical errors in this piece.

    • Adrian

      There ARE 🙂

  • tomasiepants

    Who writes this stuff? How’d they get a job? Did they actually graduate college? Just read through the commentaries… it’s painful.

  • Adrian

    Uhh…if Madonna and Beyonce are in that list, then it renders the list worthless. Beyonce’s half time show was the best half-time show EVER. Madonna’s rise to success was phenomenal. Most people are mediocre and are deathly afraid of claiming what they want lest be labelled that blackest of all labels – arrogant. I haven’t gone past Beyonce, I have a life, but I am sure if this were an older list, Sting would be in there too.
    Excellence drives action. Those actions usually drives normal people nuts.

    • wessexmom

      Beyonce and Madonna put everything on the line every time they walk on stage. That takes guts and talent. They work hard for their millions, unlike Lohan and many other celebs without any real talent or courage.

      • Adrian

        Yeh. However I do like Lohan as an actress though. She is a natural. Folk take acting for granted. It is not an easy talent to foster. I really don’t care what she does with her body. She is good as what she does – just as Charlie Sheen is.

  • I am so “happy” that folks can complain about people who make them money. This is a no prob..except it is gossip

  • crisjones

    Who writes this crap, children? Quote from this article:
    “Needless to say Heigl was eventually killed off the show,…” What show? You never mentioned it in your paragraph.

  • Pendy1

    No surprise to see arrogant elitist “I’m Gwyneth Paltrow and you’re not” on this list

  • And

    Where are the guys?

  • wessexmom

    Meow. Scratch Claw Hiss. You’re lying and as Bey’s new album would say you’re “JEALOUS”!

  • wessexmom

    I’ve always been a bit mystified by Gwyneth’s fame. I know she’s known for having a rock star hubby and famous well-connected parents.

  • Critic101

    Actually her character Izzy Stevens is still alive, she just ‘Moved Away’ so perhaps you should get your facts straight…

  • defiant1

    Madonna’s arrogance along makes her ugly and I never understood the appeal, always thought she was gutter trash!


    Nicki Minaj will be forgotten in 5 years

    • queenrosered


  • jjdoe

    Ack! What a dumb article! I bailed quickly! It’s the list of usual suspects. And maybe not many people would go on record, so they just have these vague bits of evidence…
    Two things I know – ANYONE can have a bad day, and be vilified for not signing autographs, or getting there time. And – fame often brings out the ugly inside of us. I was a very minor personality, with very little ego… but after a few years, it changes you! It’s the way the system works. These stars are worth millions, needed their egos to get where they are, and have those egos fed every day. They get paid too much, get pampered too much, and live lives of fantasies. Few can remain normal under these circumstances! I hope Jennifer Lawrence can maintain her grounded uber-sweetness!

  • John

    They’re human too in a high stress occupation often dealing with the personality inadequacies that propelled them into the business in the first place. And then there’s the paparazzi chewing at your soul whenever you step outside.

  • notluvin

    And yet people keep meeting their demands!

  • Trish

    When they say “Gossip Girl” in regards to Mischa Barton, do they mean “The OC”? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Mischa Barton on Gossip Girl (I haven’t watched all of the last season yet, so I could be wrong), and I certainly don’t remember he being killed off. I remember her being killed off in The O.C. though!

  • sherieg

    Re: Jennifer Anniston–how does not eating your lunch with others make you difficult to work with?

  • hanalei

    I say cast all the “difficult to work with” stars in the same series and watch to see who ends up the survivor, that is who will get the bitxhiest star of all award.

  • Lucas Haehn

    Mariah Carey is the most narcissistic person of them all. She asked for a “used chewing gum assistant” in her dressing room. (their sole purpose would be to get rid of the stars chewing gum).

  • Guest

    Wow. Instead of being hateful mean rude and demanding try appreciating everything you have. Someone slept on park bench last night in 20 degree weather in the snow. Just sayin.

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