Racism, The Gift That Keeps On Not-Giving In Fashion (André Leon Talley & NYTimes Speak On It)

  • http://twitter.com/daisydooks DaisyDooks

    Person of color is NOT synonymous with ‘Black’. Black is distinctive with its OWN unique aesthetics. It is most certain that Andre Leon Tally is talking about the lack of representation of individuals who have undeniable Black/AfRAkan ancestry–like him. He bears the PROOF on his scalp.

  • lol

    Black women are way more beautiful than white women… its just jealousy and racism!

    • samech

      They (Black women) are more STRIKING!!! More versatility. Fair assessment…

  • Nigg.Newton

    Maybe just MAYBE it’s because BLACK FOLKS are not WEALTHY or willing to spend $3,000.00 on a purse for ONE night.

    White folks do.

  • MistaO

    Ummm, did the writer say that Black people received 40 acres after slavery? Did I miss something here? When did Black people actually get 40 acres?

    • iso

      some people did receive, maybe not exactly the 40 acres and it wasn’t everyone, but there was some “land redistribution”

  • brilliantfly

    Being a flaming queen, got him no where hunnnn. To bad all that manhood wasted on a industry that’s no different than a common job.

  • klove

    the problem is we need more black designers then we will have more black models on the runway people with Tally’ s influence can start a new generation of fashionistas. we must stop trying to fit in we are free now and lets show how free we are by creating our own.

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