Trend To Try: Trade In Your Box Braids For Marley Twists This Fall

Trend To Try: Trade In Your Box Braids For Marley Twists This Fall (Inspiration From Tumblr!)


Photo: Tumblr

The year is coming to a close (is it just us or is 2013 flying by?), and with fall just around the corner we’re right in the window of time where we start considering new hair ideas for the new season. Two styles that has been hugely popular this year and last, making it’s Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram rounds, chunky Poetic Justice-esque box braids and Senegalese twists. But in the words of Hilary Duff, those styles are so yesterday. If you’re still looking for an edgy protective style that gives a natural vibe, consider marley twists—extra large, textured, rope twists. This style is great for transitioning because the hair is very light and doesn’t put as much stress and weight on your natural hair as box braids, so even when they increase in size, length, or amount they won’t tug or pull at your edges.

To achieve Marley twists, check your local beauty supply store for brands that sell either “marley hair” or “kinky” braiding hair. Of course, make sure to wash, condition, and deep treat your hair before installing. Depending on your desired thickness (although, this style is designed to be on the chunky side), use 2 strands for medium sized twists or 4 strands for larger ones. You can braid them into your hair or twist them in (for a more natural look) and voila! We think they’re set to be the next hottest trend in extensions.

Check out this gallery of girls (including our fave Solange) rocking their marley twistst!




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  • htpnksuga2

    I’ve been rocking marley twists since last May. I get them redone every 2 months and give my hair a break in between. But they have grown my hair out. My hair hasnt grown this fast with braids or any other protective style i’ve worn before. I also add lighter brown towards the front to brighten my face and skin. I get them long which is a little heavy in the beginning.

    • CanadaGirl

      do you live in sauga? as in Mississauaga? as in Canada Ontario…cause if you do who does them for you?
      or where do you get them done