15 Stars Who Were Accused Of Domestic Violence

15 Stars Who Were Accused Of Domestic Violence

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Guys and gals (but especially guys), let it be known: there is no excuse for assaulting your significant other. While relationships can be a rocky affair that can easily become complicated, violence always, always makes things worse. If you raise your hand to a loved one, you will eventually have to deal with the emotional and social detritus that the act leaves behind. This is especially true in Hollywood, where even the hint of domestic violence can sour a reputation among fans and industry insiders for good. Here are 15 actors and musicians who had to sort out their own accusations of physical abuse. To be fair we’ve included their side of the story and the outcome (if one has been decided, anyway).

50 Cent

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50 Cent is among the most recent celebrities accused of committing domestic violence. The rapper recently appeared in court to plead not guilty to the charge, which was leveled by ex Daphne Narvarez. The charge relates to a June 23rd episode where Fiddy allegedly destroyed around $7000 worth of property in her California condo, kicked her bedroom door down, and finally kicked her. If found guilty, Fiddy faces up to five years in prison and $46,000 in fines. The judge has ordered the rapper to stay away from Narvarez– who is also claiming to be the mother of his son– and has had him turn in his firearms. The pre-trial starts September 4th.

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard PF WENN

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Another celebrity to suffer recent allegations of domestic violence is Terrence Howard. In 2001 the Iron Man star was arrested in Pennsylvania for assaulting estranged wife Lori McCommas. Howard admitted to police that he broke the door down and hit his wife and later plead guilty to disorderly conduct. Last year Howard divorced his second wife, Michelle Ghent Howard, in a messy proceeding that had both parties level accusations of violence, psychological abuse, and extortion at one another. You can find the details here. Most recently, Ghent Howard filed a restraining against the actor claiming he struck her during an argument. Howard, in turn, has responded by informing the media that Ghent Howard is exaggerating the claims and has been stalking and threatening the actor’s family for months. However the split turns out, the domestic drama of the Howards seems to have no end in sight.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts PF WENN

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We’re The Millers star Emma Roberts ranks as the sole female on this list to get arrested on domestic violence charges. Last month Roberts was arrested in Montreal, Canada after a physical altercation left boyfriend (and American Horror Story star) Evan Peters bloodied. Sources say police arrived to see Peters with a bleeding nose and a supposed bite mark. Though Roberts’ publicists deny the latter claim, they, along with Peters, released a statement calling the whole thing a “misunderstanding.”

Nicolas Cage

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In 2011 Drive Angry star Nicolas Cage drummed up some bad publicity with his wife, Alice Kim, in New Orleans. The actor allegedly got into a very heated argument regarding the correct address of the house they were currently renting in the city. Witnesses claimed the inebriated Cage pushed his wife and proceeded to strike the cars around them in an attempt to hail a cab. Police confronted the actor and promptly arrested him on suspicions of domestic violence and for disturbing the peace. Kim, on the other hand, denied any charge of violence. Two days later New Orleans’ District Attorney dropped any charges against Cage, making it a minor infraction in comparison to others on this list.

Josh Brolin

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Just before he achieved the breakout success of No Country for Old Men, Josh Brolin got arrested for suspicion of domestic violence. Police reported to the home of the actor in 2004 after wife and Man of Steel actress Diane Lane called them to resolve a conflict. Brolin was brought in for misdemeanor battery, though Lane later dropped any and all charges. Like the aforementioned Roberts, Lane and Brolin characterized the episode as a misunderstanding. They would divorce in February 2013, albeit on much better and more amicable terms.

Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson’s split from Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva has gotten more media coverage than the sinking of the the Titanic. For this reason, we’ll give you the broad strokes– around the time of their 2010 split and ensuing custody battle for daughter Lucia, Grigorieva filed charges of domestic violence against Gibson. This launched a police investigation that culminated in Gibson pleading no contest. Gibson’s reputation had already been raked through the muck thanks to a 2006 arrest, leaked answering machine messages intended for Grigorieva, and more. In spite of these offenses, the actor’s estranged first wife, Robyn, issued a court statement to confirm that, for the record, she never experienced any violence from Mel during their marriage. The Mad Max actor wound up entering a West Plea deal that allowed him to settle the suit, grant Oksana primary custody, and remain innocent of any charges. Gibson later admitted he did so to avoid dragging “other people through this sewer needlessly.”

Tommy Lee

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In 1998, Motley Crue drummer plead no contest to allegations that he kicked his wife, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, while she was breastfeeding their son Dylan. Lee would be sentenced to six months in jail, but would only serve four. His marriage to Anderson dissolved the same year. In 2001 the two began a custody battle for their children, one in which Anderson leveled further accusations of abuse. Despite their tumultuous history, the two would reunite briefly around 2007.

Chris Brown

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We debated as to whether even include Brown on this list, as, like Gibson, his domestic violence accusations have garnered more attention over the years than his music. Nevertheless, we’d be remiss to not briefly mention Breezy here. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past four years, Brown was arrested in 2009 for battering then-girlfriend and fellow R&B superstar Rihanna. She was hospitalized following the battery and Brown was charged two counts of assault and criminal threats. He later entered a plea deal, admitting his guilt on one count and getting off with five year probation and counseling. An on-again, off again relationship with Rihanna has ensued ever since, though the couple seems to have permanently broken up since May 2013.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather PF WENN

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Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s history with fighting out of the ring is unsettling, especially considering how many bouts have involved the women in his life. In 2002 he was charged for battering two women at a Las Vegas nightclub, an offense that got him a one year, suspended jail sentence in 2004. Most recently Mayweather was accused of striking the mother of his children, Josie Harris, repeatedly while threatening to murder her. Mayweather plead guilty to the charge and received a 90-day-sentence. In 2012, Harris admitted she had forgiven Floyd for the assault for the benefit of raising their children in a stable environment.

Mike Tyson

Robin Givens PF WENN

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The above pic is Robin Givens doing a reading from her autobiography Grace Will Lead Me Home. Specifically, she’s reading passages about her complex relationship with ex-husband Mike Tyson, to whom she was married from February 1987 to Valentine’s Day 1988. As their marriage fell through, Givens leveled accusations of domestic violence at Tyson, who in turn claimed she had only married him for his money. Givens became extremely unpopular following the divorce as many sided with the heavyweight. Four years later the boxer was convicted of sexually assaulting an Indianapolis woman and was sentenced to three years in prison. As for Givens, she has remained on the forefront of domestic abuse activism ever since.

Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen is currently the lead on the TV hit Anger Management, one of life’s greatest ironies to date. The actor’s unhinged behavior dates back to 1990, when Sheen allegedly shot then-fiance Kelly Preston in the arm. While Sheen maintains Preston actually accidentally shot herself, the story would follow him for years to come. Especially around the time Sheen was arrested for assaulting wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas day. The Platoon actor plead guilty to three felonies, including third degree assault, and was sentenced to 30 days probation, drug rehab, and– yes– anger management. The couple divorced in 2010. Later in February 2011, Sheen temporarily had custody of his children stripped from him after Mueller claimed he brandished a pen knife and threatened to cut her head off.

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown PF WENN

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Whitney Houston’s troubled marriage to Bobby Brown garnered heavy media re-examination following her untimely death 2012. The couple married in 1992 and remained together until 2007. During this time the pair allegedly spiraled into a cycle of substance and domestic abuse, all while downplaying suspicions of such behavior publicly. In 2003 the genie escaped the bottle when police responded to a domestic violence call at their Georgia home. Houston was revealed to have a bruised cheek and busted lip, causing the officers to arrest Brown. The Don’t Be Cruel singer plead guilty and served 90 days in jail. Two years later Brown pressured Houston into performing in the Bravo reality series Being Bobby Brown, a show that confirmed most audience’s fears of their decline. They divorced a year after the series aired.

Jason Kidd

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NBA star Jason Kidd was arrested in 2001 for committing domestic violence against his wife of four years, Jourmana. While he plead guilty to the charge and was forced to take anger management classes, the event would come back to haunt him when he attempted to divorce his wife in 2007. Kidd cited “extreme cruelty” and “false domestic abuse claims” as his reason. Jourmana, in turn, shot back with a lawsuit accusing Kidd of years of serial abuse and infidelity. According to Jourmana, Kidd once broke her ribs and, on a separate occasion, smashed her head onto the dashboard of a car. In 2012 Jourmana did an extensive interview with Metropolis Nights Magazine giving her own interpretation of the troubled marriage.

Ike Turner

Ike Tina PF WENN

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Despite a storied music career, Ike Turner’s biggest claim to fame is likely his role in his ex’s 1986 memoir I, Tina. In the book Tina Turner documented her rise to fame with her partner, Ike. This rags-to-riches story included several chapters detailing the domestic violence Tina faced from Ike on a regular basis. While the duo weren’t besieged by tabloid scandal, Ike did admit to being violent towards his wife in a 1985 interview. “Yeah I hit her, but I didn’t hit her more than the average guy beats his wife,” Ike reasoned, adding “If she says I abused her, maybe I did.” The book and their relationship took center stage for the film adaptation What’s Love Got To Do With It, a movie that garnered Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett Academy Award nominations for playing the couple. The real Ike Turner, meanwhile, would die of a coke overdose in 2010.

Sean Penn

Penn Madonna PF WENN

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Actor Sean Penn’s brief marriage to pop star Madonna has been the subject of extensive internet scrutiny in recent years, mostly due to the horrific domestic violence that transpired during the union. In 1987 Madonna was forced to enter Cedar Sinai hospital after Penn cracked her across the head with a baseball bat during a dispute. He was later arrested and plead guilty to a charge of felony domestic assault. A year later, amid rumors that Madonna was having a romance with Warren Beatty, Penn entered the pop star’s house while she slept, tied her to a chair, and abused– physically and emotionally– over the course of nine hours. Police eventually stepped in but Penn denied any wrongdoing. Madonna, on the other hand, dropped any charges and opted to divorce Penn in 1989.

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