Puppy Love: 15 Celebrities Who Married Their High School Or College Sweethearts

  • laquisha Jackson


  • Ummm

    Morehouse and Spelman COLLEGE.

  • mobycat

    Good lord, where it your editor? “Bono has that whole rock star thing down pact,?”


  • Nobody

    Jovi?? His first name is not Bon you ding dongs. His name is Jon Bon Jovi. I’m not even a fan and I know that. Was this written by an 8 year old?

    • gulab

      I was thinking the same! A mind is a terrible thing to waste…

    • AuntySocial

      To be technical, his name is John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. As far as I know, he has not legally changed his name. He is just known as Jon Bon Jovi. And I am not a fan either.

  • racknstack

    So, was Paula a fan of Robin Thicke while they were in high school, or was she a fan of his father? What a crappy article. I’m less intelligent for having read it.

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