Love In a Hopeless Place: Celebrities Who Married A Fan!

20 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

Fans love comes a dime a dozen when you’re a public figure. But apparently, these celebrity lovers are an exception. Check out 14 celebrities who married one of their fans, and couldn’t be happier, or not!

Ruben Studdard STUDDARD


Woman may have been flocking to Ruben Studdard when he went on to win American Idol, but one fan caught Studdard’s eyes and he never looked back. Studdard met his wife Zuri McCants at a Wal-Mart in Atlanta. Studdard was autographing her CD when the two experienced an immediate attraction! Studdard and McCants married in 2008, but later divorced in April 2012 citing irreconcilable differences.


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  1. says:

    Married in 2000. Pitt was on Friends in 2001. Research people!

  2. says:

    Whoever wrote this is such an amateur. First of all, Jennifer Aniston is not just a fan. She was extremely famous, and they were set up by their agents, as happens in Hollywood, I guess. He was Friends years after they were together, and married! Do your research!

  3. says:

    What does this even mean?: “It’s rumored that since Bozan is Argentinean, she had seen a few of his movies and was really impressed.” What?

  4. says:

    A talking head with a weird concept. Anyone with a spouse married a fan. Poorly conceived and poorly written. Try harder next time.

  5. says:

    Stupid just stupid

  6. says:

    Who wrote this nonsense? Misspellings, bad grammar, no research. Are you seriously that lazy?

  7. says:

    Apparently it’s amateur writing hour. Wait, WTF am I doing here??

  8. says:

    This doesn’t have the biggest one ! Richard Dawson marrying a contestant on Family Feud !

  9. says:

    Left out Gary Numan, who married an official member of his fan club.

  10. says:

    Left out Gary Numan, who married an official member of his fan club.

  11. says:

    The Ruben story made me laugh. “And he never looked back” means he didn’t have any regrets etc. Then in the next sentence they mentioned they divorced. Uh I’m sure he looked back a few times :)

  12. says:

    SOunds like the person who wrote this article had no idea how to write :)

  13. says:

    All I want to know is who the eff are Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa? Never heard of them before. They’re celebrities?

    • says:

      Wiz is extremely successful, yeah. You’re lucky if that’s “all (you) want to know.” I wish to know so many things …

  14. says:

    What a stupid and poorly researched article. Jennifer and Brad were already married when he appeared on Friends.

  15. says:

    Ha! Lies! Kelsey Grammars wife knew nothing about him before she met him. I heard it first hand from her mouth on Oprah’s show about a year ago. Get your facts straight!

    • says:

      Alrighty, then. You keep believing your little friend. Oh, by the way, in a separate statement, she said she’s not proud of the way their relationship started. Huuummm!

  16. says:

    since half of these spouses are other celebrities, calling them “fans” is a misnomer…

  17. says:

    Alexis Webb is what… 8 years old? What a joke of an article! Poorly researched, poorly written.

  18. says:

    And another mistake:Priscilla Presley was introduced to Elvis at a party in Germany, when he was stationed there while in the army. Lazy writer.

  19. says:

    I agree with most of you. It is poor and somewhat starving of an article. Could I have my five mins back that I wasted on reading this article?

  20. says:

    Who is Ruben Studdard??

  21. says:

    Isn’t marrying a fan like a dealer taking his own drugs?

  22. says:

    The better title for this article would have been “Celebrities Who Married Someone Already In The Industry”.

  23. says:

    Love in a hopeless place? They were so hopeless that they had to settle for less and marry a fan? I don’t get it.

  24. says:

    the only person to actually marry a fan from what I’ve read on this list is rueben studdard

  25. says:

    Re: Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt: they were already married when he appeared on Friends. Makes me doubt the veracity of the rest of this article. : /

  26. says:

    What what’s the title supposed to mean? “Love in a Hopeless Place”? Has she confused the meanings of “hopeless” and “unlikely,” possibly? Or is she just a terrible writer?

  27. says:

    I thought they were together when brad pitt made a cameo on friends?

  28. says:

    When in doubt, just make things up!

  29. says:

    Jen and Brad were married when he made a cameo on Friends.

  30. says:

    Brad Pitt wasn’t on Friends until after he was married to Jennifer Aniston. This article sucks.

  31. says:

    “Priscilla and Elvis eventually divorced after she started an affair with her karate instructor.”

    makes it seem like she was at fault. Elvis was cheating on her constantly since the first day they met. he was a huge pervert and drug addicted scumbag

  32. says:

    Umm? It’s kind of misleading when half of the “fans” are also celebrities.

  33. says:

    WTH, Katie Holmes is a celebrity in her own right and all Tom did was twist up her brain with silent baby birthing crap and ruin a bunch of her best years.

  34. says:

    Seriously?????? Priscilla is supposedly blamed here for “her” having an affair? Get real! Can’t lie about this one. Elvis had a different one every other day.

  35. says:

    The know-nothing who wrote this is likely a regular guest on those celebrity biography programs who never met the person once but claim to know their life story from birth. Glad I only got to the third false example before I just couldnt anymore.

  36. says:

    Did they not know that Jennifer and Brad were already married when he was on Friends???

  37. says:

    Um, Jennifer and Brad were already dating when he guest starred on Friends. They were set up with each other by mutual friends.

  38. says:

    People should shut the #uck up. It is hard out there. I do not care what they have, finding someone is hard and it must be especially hard when you are famous. It is that we just do not feel sorry for famous people. Sometimes I think they are the most helpless.

  39. says:

    Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married in 2000 and Brad, made a guest appearance while they were married. They were set up by their publicists and it was not a blind date. This person needs to check their facts. Horribly written article – fire your editor.

  40. says:

    Totally missed:
    Actor Keith Coogan (“Adventures in Babysitting,” “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead,” etc., & grandson of late actor Jackie Coogan) met his wife, Kristen “Pinky” (Shean) Coogan when she attended a Fan Convention & interviewed him for a “Fandom” article (for “Mike the Fanboy”). It was love-at-first-sight, & after a whirlwind romance, they married last month (October 26, 2013). She is the very definition of a “Superfan” (& proud of it!!!)!
    Also, I thought Matt Damon’s wife was his hairdresser or something?

  41. says:

    Here we go again. Pitt and Aniston were married BEFORE his appearance on Friends. That’s why he did the show to begin with.

  42. says:

    I know I’m late to the game here but what about Luke Perry? He married the woman who sent him one of her bras…

  43. says:

    This actually made me lol.
    It’s like the writer thought:
    “Crap…I forgot to mention she’s Argentinean…Eh, I’ll just jam it in here. Yeah, that’s good.”

  44. says:

    The item about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. is incorrect. They were married when Brad Pitt went on Friends.

  45. says:

    Ruben Studdard is a celebrity?

  46. says:

    All the women I sleep with are my fans… why would I have it any other way?

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