10 Vitamins For Healthier Hair, Nails, and Skin

10 Vitamins For Healthier Hair, Nails, and Skin

Folic Acid- It’s a great source for hair as it prevents graying, makes hair thicker and naturally more shinier. It also adds moisture to your hair which reduces breakage.

Zinc- Poor nail growth, visible white spots on nails and inflammation of the cuticles are signs of a lack of zinc in your body. By adding this supplement, nails grow stronger and thicker.

Niacin- This is a great source for healthy skin as it acts as a lightening agent to even out blotchy skin tone while aiding in retaining skin’s moisture.

Vitamin E- This vitamin helps repair scar tissue and smooths out skin faster. If you like to pop your pimples (which is something you really should NOT be doing) and it leaves a scar this vitamin is for you. It also internally protects skin and hair from environmental damage, like using too much heat on your hair. It even alleviates signs of tiredness and stress.

Prenatal vitamins- You don’t have to be pregnant to take this vitamin which is packed with nutrients to benefit both hair and nail growth. Most prenatal vitamins have a combination of calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin B6 which is a healthy concoction for thicker hair and nails.


StyleBlazers, do you take vitamins for your hair, nails or skin?