Rihanna's Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection For River Island

First Look: Rihanna’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection For River Island


You may have to wait another month to actually get your hands on an item from Rihanna’s third collection for River Island, but the wait is over to get a sneak peek at the pieces. We were pretty certain that camouflage was coming back with a vengeance this fall but after checking out the 80-piece collection in its entirety, we’re convinced. Besides camo, the collection is packed with street-style-ready crop tops, bomber jackets, high waist skirts, boots and more. Keep reading for our top 10 favorite pieces from the collection. To see the rest, click here.











  • FashionBaby

    Not at all. This looks like the same cheap stuff all of the other club chicks are wearing nowadays. **in my Nina Garcia voice** Theres no element of whimsey, nothing inspiring. And I feel sorry for the dumb chicks that are about to spend their rent money to look like a knockoff of Rihanna.

  • Xoelchuloxo

    Bishes can’t possibly be buying this.

  • BalanceLibra

    Umm this is Fall wear? I def can’t wear that crap in NYC during the Fall. #justsayin

  • NYC Gal

    As much as I love me some Rihanna, these clothes look like something you can get at Rainbow! Tell me something, is River Island something like Rainbow? Bcos if it is then it’s on point! If River Island is a high end brand, this isn’t working. Rihanna needs to study materials and designs bcos if the material is a simple black dress, you have to have an unusual design in order to stand out from the other black dresses. if material is unique then the design doesn’t have to be usual to stand out bcos the material alone will capture the interest of the buyer!

  • kandy

    this collection would be nice if this was the 80’s and the 90’s it brings me back but i wont wear that outdated ish but we will probly hear that all 100 made pieces will be sold out in no time of her teens fan base that think everything rih does is good lol

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