5 Ways Lady Gaga Has Officially Stolen Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ Style

  • Matt

    Gaga Said She Was Going To Be Toned Down For The ARTPOP ALBUM So This Information Isn’t Correct To My Knowledge!! Thanks.

  • symbolina

    I’m amazed that someone can steal another person’s personality, wardrobe style, music style and actually get away with it. I wish Madonna could sue her, but she obvs cant :O

    • Calling_All_Degenerates

      Nothing is new under the sun kiddo

      • symbolina

        Actually Madonna was a trail blazer and she did bring a lot of “new” under the sun….. so much so that she will go down in history as one of the most important women of all time. Considering she came out in the 1980s and supported the gay movement when it was taboo, AIDS, the way she challenged religion, women’s sexuality. All of these things had NOT BEEN done before in the global media before Madonna. So it was very new under the sun, indeed.

  • Chris

    Only difference is that Madonna is actually beautiful while Stefani…not so much!

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