15 Most Memorable Celebrity DUI Arrests

15 Most Memorable Celebrity DUI Arrests

It’s a wonder why celebs continue to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol knowing full well that their offense will be blasted to the masses. Oh, and there’s that little thing about putting people’s lives in danger. Still, against their better judgment, they hop behind the wheel impaired and must suffer the consequences, which include public embarrassment. Driving under the influence is no laughing matter but these celebrity DUI arrests were certainly entertaining.

Mel Gibson

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The day Mel Gibson got pulled over for drunk driving in 2006 will live on in infamy. A heavily inebriated Gibson began lashing out at the Jewish officer on the scene, exclaiming that Jews were responsible for all the wars in the world. The Academy Award-winning director continued on his drunken tirade when he was brought in to the Los Angeles police station, calling a female sergeant “Sugartits.” Gibson later issued an apology for his behavior, claiming to have had a “moment of insanity.” Insanity, thy name is alcohol!

Mike Tyson

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Championship boxer and borderline rageaholic Mike Tyson nearly struck a sheriff’s cruiser while driving from an Arizona night club in December 2006. Tyson was found to be under the influence and in possession of coke. Cops found two small bags in his pocket and one in the car. The boxer admitted to cops in an interview that “he is an addict and has a problem.” A year later he pleaded guilty to a single felony count of coke possession and a misdemeanor DUI count.

Robert Downey Jr.

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Iron Man Robert Downey, Jr. wasn’t always so well put together. In his early Hollywood days Downey was a notorious drug addict, and in 1996 he was arrested for speeding down Ventura boulevard while throwing “imaginary rats” out the window. Upon pulling him over police discovered the the charming actor was high on coke. They also discovered that he had coke, h e r o i n e and a handgun in his car.

Reese Witherspoon


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America’s sweetheart made an utter fool of herself in the wee hours of the morning on April 19, 2013. The actress and her husband Jim Toth were driving on Peachtree Street in Georgia when police pulled them over for meandering across a double line. Toth, who was driving, had a blood alcohol level of 0.139 and was charged with a DUI, but he wasn’t the only one in trouble. An intoxicated Reese was arrested for disorderly conducted after getting out of the car when police told her to stay inside, and subsequently asking the officer “Do you know who I am?!” Witherspoon later apologized, saying that she “clearly had one drink too many” and was “deeply embarrassed” about the things she said.

Lindsay Lohan

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This troubled starlet has had more DUI’s then any one person should probably be allowed to get away with. In May 2006 Lohan was arrested for a DUI, and immediately checked into rehab for 45 days. Shortly after being released from rehab, she got herself another DUI as well as a charge for coke possession and driving with a suspended license for going on a chase after her assistant– who had just quit–and the assistant’s mother,who called police from the car, not realizing that it was the actress who was pursuing them. When cops arrived, Lohan attempted to claim that she wasn’t driving, saying that one of her passengers was behind the wheel, but it didn’t fly.

George W. Bush

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Just five days before election day in November 200o, it was leaked to the press that soon-t0-be President George W. Bush had gotten himself a DUI arrest back in 1976 after driving too slowly in Maine. A 30-year old Bush pleaded no contest, got a $150 fine, and had his driving privileges temporarily revoked in Maine. The episode itself is not terribly remarkable as DUI’s go, but the fact that he became the 43rd president of the United States makes it quite interesting, indeed.


Nicole Richie

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Hollywood socialite Nicole Richie has sobered up and mellowed out in recent years but back in 2006 the former teen addict was getting herself pulled over for driving the wrong way on the 134 Freeway in California. The daughter of Lionel Richie was arrested for driving under the influence of Vicodin and kush. For her dangerous behavior she served four days in jail, paid a $2,000 fine, received three years probation and was forced to take an alcohol education class.

Nick Nolte

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Star of 48 Hours, Nick Nolte, got pulled off the road on September 11, 2002 for swerving. Officers of the The California Highway Patrol say that the buddy cop actor was “drooling” and appeared to be “out of it” as they tried to speak with him. Later tests revealed that Nolte had illegal drug GHB in his system. He eventually pleaded no contest, received a $500 fine, had to undergo a 90-day treatment program, and got three years of probation, but the most memorable thing about his DUI arrest was the hilariously haggard mugshot that spread like Internet wildfire.

Haley Joel Osment

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Child star Haley Joel Osment went off the grid after his 2003 film Secondhand Lions, but when he resurfaced in 2006, it wasn’t for a movie. The then-18-year-old actor rammed his vehicle into a brick mailbox and overturned his car at 1 am. Osment pleaded no contest to driving under the influence of alcohol and misdemeanor drug possession of kush. Forget dead people, this kid was probably seeing stars after that trip.

Mischa Barton


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The former OC actress seemed to be going off the rails a bit when she was pulled over for failure to stay in her lane and failure to signal while driving. Barton was arrested and thrown in jail for suspicion of drunk driving, m a r i j u a n a possession, and driving without a license.

Vivica Fox

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The foxy Vivica A. Fox didn’t exactly have her best moment back in March 2007 when she was pulled off the road for speeding. The Kill Bill actress zipped right by a patrol car going 80 mph in a 60 mph zone. The spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol stated that “Fox exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication.” A field sobriety test revealed that she indeed had over the legal limit of alcohol in her system, but the most interesting part of her arrest came when she accused the white arresting officer–who arrived with his ethnic partner–of being a rac1st, saying to his partner “Brother, help a sister. Are you going to let this rac1st cop do this? Well, are you?” We’re gonna go with yeah, he is.


Tracey Gold

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A drunken Tracey Gold managed to roll her SUV down a California freeway embankment in September 2004.  The Growing Pains actress lost control of the vehicle that was carrying her husband and three young sons. Her husband, 5-month-old, and 5-year-old sons escaped uninjured but her 7-year-old suffered a broken collarbone and head lacerations. Not exactly your average growing pains…

Amanda Bynes

2011 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

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It seems Amanda Bynes’ odd behavior and troubles began in early 2012. The Nickelodeon star was arrested and charged with a DUI after side-swiping a police car in West Hollywood. According to her, she wasn’t drunk, telling officers “I do not drink.” As of May 2013, her DUI case is still pending. Of course, that is just one of five vehicular crimes Bynes was involved in that year.

Randy Travis

Randy Travis

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Randy Travis has one the most outrageous DUI episodes in the business. On August 8, 2012, the country singer/actor got arrested for DUI…completely in the buff. Dressed in only his birthday suit, Travis attempted to buy cigarettes from a gas station earlier that night, and later found himself in a single-car accident that left him lying on the side of the road, where police found him. In addition to being charged with driving while intoxicated, Travis was also charged with felony obstruction. Tough break, but at least he’ll get one heck of a country song out of it!

Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton got her first ever arrest when she was caught speeding and driving erratically in September 2006. The heiress had a blood alcohol level just at the minimum required for a DUI arrest in California. When she phoned in to speak with Ryan Seacrest about the incident on his radio show, Hilton claimed she only had one margarita and that she wasn’t driving erratically. Instead, she says she was just “really hungry” and “wanted to have an In-N-Out burger.”

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