15 Celebs Who Used A Surrogate To Give Birth!

15 Celebs Who Used A Surrogate To Give Birth!

Carrying and delivering a baby is not always the easiest thing for some mothers-to-be. Whether they are having problems with fertility, can’t carry their own babies, or just aren’t feeling the whole pregnancy route, some women look to surrogates for some peace of mind when being their new bundle into the world. Celebrities are of no exception (regardless of the wealth they have attained) with opting to use surrogate mothers to deliver their children. Check out 15 celebrities that took the non-traditional route in child bearing!

Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance BASSETT


Apparently dreams really do come true, at least if you ask Angela Bassett’s husband Courtney Vance. She and her husband Courtney B. Vance gave birth via a surrogate to twin boys, Bronwyn Golden and Slater Josiah in 2006. Despite years of infertility issues, Vance said he knew they would have twins. How you ask? Well, he saw it in a dream. Vance told Oprah, “I had a dream about seven years ago that we were going to have twins. I didn’t know how it was going to happen.”

Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower DE NIRO WENN


Robert De Niro may be one of the oldest fathers you know, but we aren’t sure that he minds one bit. In December 2012, he and his wife Grace Hightower announced that they gave birth to their new baby girl Helen Grace, via surrogate. This isn’t Robert’s first time around the surrogacy rodeo either. In 1995 De Niro introduced twin sons into the world, via surrogate with now ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith.

Elizabeth Banks BANKS


Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks tells Lucky Magazine that surrogacy was really the only option for the talented actress. “It was a womb issue for me. Embryos wouldn’t implant,” she explains. Banks was so set on expanding her family she settled on gestational surrogacy, and hasn’t looked back. Banks stresses, though, that the surrogate is still very much a part of her child’s life and even refers to her as, “an auntie.” How sweet!

Jimmy Fallon & Nancu JuvonenFALLON


While Jimmy Fallon can seemingly find humor in anything, one thing he has gotten quite serious about is the birth of his baby girl, Winnie Rose. Fallon introduced Winnie to the world on July 23, by surrogate and can’t be happier. Fallon says, “My wife and I had been trying a while to have a baby,” he explains to TODAY show host Savannah Guthrie, “”We tried a bunch of things — so we had a surrogate.”

Kelsey Grammer & Camille Grammer GRAMMERS


Kelsey Grammer and his now ex-wife Camille was once a happy couple (no, were aren’t kidding) that decided to further their family using gestational surrogacy. The now divorced couple used a surrogate to conceive both their children Mason Olivia and Jude Gordon. Kelsey and Camille later finalized their divorce in February 2011.

Sarah Jessica & Matthew BroderickJESSICA PARKER


Sarah Jessica Parker may have planned to use a surrogate mother when deciding to have another baby, but one thing she wasn’t expecting was to have two babies. Wait, what? That’s right, Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick got the surprise of a lifetime when finding out that their carrier was going to deliver not one, but two babies. The couple introduced twin by girls Marion and Tabitha into the world on June 22, 2009.

Elton John & David FurnishJOHN WENN


Elton John may have issues with just about everyone on the face of the planet, but one person he will always be grateful for is his surrogate mother. While John’s name is usually not attached to anything “joyous” when it comes to celebrity news, that is premise Elton explains when speaking about his experience with surrogacy. “You’re so awestruck. What can you say?…The feeling, the joy…,” he goes on to tell Us Weekly. Elton and his partner David Furnish welcomed baby boy, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish- John into the world on Christmas 2011.



Ricky Martin shocked the world when he announced to fans everywhere that he was gay, c’mon ladies you have get over it someday! But, many fans rejoiced for Martin announcing he chose surrogacy to birth his twin boys, Matteo and Valentino in 2008. Ricky told Vanity Fair, “ I would give my life for the woman who helped me bring my sons into this world.”

Michael JacksonMIKE WENN


Known by little, Jackson’s youngest child Blanket was born via surrogate. 

Neil Patrick Harris & Davis BurtkaPATRICK HARRIS


Neil Patrick-Harris and his fiancé Davis Burtka were elated to welcome their twins into the world on Oct. 12, 2010 by surrogate. Patrick Harris told interviewers after the birth of the fraternal duo, “They’re super-healthy and they’re happy.”

Dennis QuaidQUAID WENN


Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly Quaid used the less traditional route when deciding to bear children, their final decision, surrogacy. In November 2007 the couple birthed twins, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace by surrogate.

Giuliana & Bill Rancic RANCIC WENN


While Giuliana Rancic is one of the most successful women in the entertainment industry right now, her experience with infertility shook fans everywhere as she openly discussed her pain on the hit reality television show, Giuliana and Bill. The cameras were seemingly always rolling as Rancic struggled with trying to get pregnant, until she finally decided to take another route, surrogacy. Giuliana and her husband brought their baby into the world in the summer of 2012, and seem to have never been happier. Rancic tells People magazine, “She is giving us the greatest gift we have ever gotten in our lives. “

Katy Sagel & Kurt Sutter SAGEL WENN


Actress Katey Sagal decided to pursue surrogacy, after going through massive medical difficulty following the birth of her first two children, Jackson James and Sarah Grace. Sagal says although she and her spouse considered adoption as well, surrogacy just seemed to be the easier option for them. Using a surrogate, Sagal and her husband Kurt Sutter welcome their daughter Esme’ Louis into the world on Jan. 10, 2007.

Alexis StewartSTEWART


Martha Stewart’s daughter, Alexis Stewart, had a difficult time with child bearing and decided to use surrogacy to birth her own daughter. With much support in her decision, Alexis welcomed baby Jude into the world in March 2011, via surrogate.

Nicole Kidman & Keith UrbanURBAN WENN


Although Nicole Kidman has physically given birth before to her first born Sunday Rose, she and her husband Keith Urban decided to pursue a surrogate for the birth of their second daughter, Faith Margaret. After Faith was born in December 2010, the couple made a public statement to fans and others saying, “No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was supportive.”

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