Katy Perry Thinks It's Fall Already, We're Getting Depressed

Katy Perry Thinks It’s Fall Already, We’re Getting Depressed

Katy Perry meets her fans at the z100 studios in New York.Photo: AKM-GSI


So… like, we don’t mean to bust anyone’s bubble, but temperature aside, we’re still very much in summer. On the eve of her new single release, “Roar” Katy Perry spent some time in NYC to promote her upcoming album and meet with friends. But from each outfit she wore, it looks like she anticipated cooler weather.

First, we noticed the singer on Sunday in a velvet mini dress from Lucca Couture (found here) and booties. Love the 90s nod, but we did think the dress fabric and stockings was a bit much for the weather.


Katy Perry releases "Roar" as she joins Rihanna for dinner at The Lion - Part 2 **USA ONLY**Photo: AKM-GSI


Then, Katy headed out to dinner with gal-pal Rihanna at The Lion restaurant in NYC’s West Village for their much anticipated reunion. For the outing Katy wore a sweater top, leather skirt and boots. It’s cute, functional and very urban but cozy. “Cozy” is not a summer word.


Katy Perry arrives at JFK airport for her flight in all grayPhoto: AKM-GSI


Her last look was when she was leaving New York on Tuesday. We’re all about being comfortable on a plane, but what’s the extra sweater for Katy?

Sadly, there’s a fact we have to face. The “f” word is going to be used a lot in the next couple of months. “F” sweater, “f” coats, “f” dresses. The summer went by with a quickness, but as Katy made it apparent this week: time is a-movin’.

You ready?

  • iHM

    NO! I won’t accept it. Summer runs until the end of September! More than a month left, go away Perry!

  • Belinda

    Some people just get cold easier than others so maybe it’s that. Or she could be anemic, which would make her feel cold at higher temperatures than normal. Also, those planes can get quite frosty. I’d bring a sweater and wear long sleeves, too, summer be d@mned.

  • I loooooooooover her velvet dress with those boots! I think it would have looked nice with lace or fishnet stockings instead of the solid black but it’s sooooooo cute on her

  • akwgreenzbk

    The third one is completely understandable. It gets super cold on planes. I bring a blanket. Second ensemble is nyce! I could definitely freak that sweater and skirt. Not digging the first pic though.I love the and the clothes that you can wear. Endless possibilities…