Were These Based On A True Story? 15 Films With Unbelievable Real Life Connections

15 Fictional Movies Inspired By Unbelievable Real Life Events

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Most films that are based on true events flaunt it in their ad campaign. There are, however, some exceptions to the rule. After all, if you are making a movie about a killer doll or a sociopath vigilante or a giant shark, the fantastic nature of the story probably kills any basis in reality. Yet this is also what makes these unofficial “true story” films so fascinating. Here are 15 fictional movies with narrative roots connected firmly– and unbelievably– to real life.


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Though the movie is only in pre-production, Kevin Smith’s upcoming horror film Tusk warrants mention here. Smith conceived of the idea while discussing this news story on a recent Smodcast. Tusk’s real-life premise– that of a man allowing a lodger to live rent free in exchange for regularly wearing a realistic walrus costume– will get the horror treatment from Smith, who is campaigning to get Michael Parks and Quentin Tarantino to star.


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  • Jessica M

    Centrailia is technically still burning…you cannot “LEGALLY” enter the town proper.

    • Daniel Wise

      Centralia is technically still burning, it is literally still burning. And there are no laws against entering Centralia. Thousands of people go there every year, and they have a small police force that keeps watch over the area. They recommend that you stay on the roads, but won’t ask or make you leave.

    • lacey

      so boom!

  • Cias

    the shark from the new jersey attacks was more than likely a bull shark, not a great white shark. great whites cant survive fresh water, which is where most of the attacks were in.

    • Max

      some of the attacks were in a river really close to the ocean so

  • Brandon Roberts

    i heard of the robert the doll thing i think the guy had an unhealthy obsession with it and i don’t think it ever killed anyone itself but just read the story yourself. because it would take too long and the stories incredibly bizarre