Were These Based On A True Story? 15 Films With Unbelievable Real Life Connections

  • Jessica M

    Centrailia is technically still burning…you cannot “LEGALLY” enter the town proper.

    • Daniel Wise

      Centralia is technically still burning, it is literally still burning. And there are no laws against entering Centralia. Thousands of people go there every year, and they have a small police force that keeps watch over the area. They recommend that you stay on the roads, but won’t ask or make you leave.

    • lacey

      so boom!

  • Cias

    the shark from the new jersey attacks was more than likely a bull shark, not a great white shark. great whites cant survive fresh water, which is where most of the attacks were in.

    • Max

      some of the attacks were in a river really close to the ocean so

  • Brandon Roberts

    i heard of the robert the doll thing i think the guy had an unhealthy obsession with it and i don’t think it ever killed anyone itself but just read the story yourself. because it would take too long and the stories incredibly bizarre

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