It’s Finally Here: Kim Kardashian Post-Baby Photos (And She Looks Great!)

  • Lil

    obviously not pictures from that day. She is wearing a different outfit and shoes and kanye is wearing different clothes as well.

  • Hotlips

    $1,200 for baby car seat? It is good enough save baby or a car is good enough?

  • Kim Widder

    Where’s these so called post baby pic’s? This site is such a JOKE!

    • Cynthia Blessed-highlyfavored

      UHM, if you looked at the end of the article… you would have seen the TMZ link to click on..LOL Not trying to insult you, please don’t take the wrong way..Just informing you..

  • Dwinters


  • aejmarsh

    I am hoping that her and his “star” will be fading soon. Why have we, as Americans paid so much attention to this one woman and her family?

  • SoCal

    Go to MSN. She looks like a mom, Not like a photo model. To heavy !

  • Smakin Da Box

    When Is The Pig Roast?

  • tim

    cover these ugly monkeys up

  • tony

    what realy gets under my skin is why some people think kanye can sing , realy people , this man is a joke , and a loooooooooooser , this idiot will never be a real artist , kim k should have thought things out befor hooking up with this ding bat .

  • Carnivalee

    Oh yeah Kanye looks ecstatic.

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