Nicki Minaj Teases Clothing Collection: 10 Most Hilarious Stan Comments

Nicki Minaj Teases Clothing Collection: 10 Most Hilarious Stan Comments

Nicki Minaj clothing collection3Photo: Instagram


Despite being a very busy woman, Nicki Minaj has a select number of projects she puts her name on and dedicates time to. One is her successful fragrance, Pink Friday and the other is her new clothing collection to be sold at Kmart. The rapper has mentioned it a lot recently, and finally debut some of the pieces on her Instagram page.


Nicki Minaj clothing collection2Photo: Instagram

Nicki Minaj clothing collectionPhoto: Instagram


The Young Money artist posted three different pieces that included a velour suit, bodycon dress and two-piece pant suit. From the prints of the fabrics, it looks as if she was a fan of galactic and geometric designs used recently by Clover Canyon, Herve Leger and Mary Katrantzou.

For a more affordable line, the pieces look like they attract the exact demographic Nicki is after (slight shade). Her fans were so excited that they left a variety of colorful slash stalker-ish comments on her Instagram page.

Wanna read them? Of course you do! See them on the next pages!


I just wanna meet ya n take a pic, I’ve become a real groupie & I AIN’T EVEN CUT LIKE THAT…but you just that good =)


  • swaggerman33

    guess I’m the first here…the first pic of the 2 pc outfit is ugly, that dress is ugly but the last pic I could see some young girls wearing. hopefully she’ll have more variety of clothing to choose from and hopefully they’ll look better!!! good grief…smh….

  • Me

    the pieces are busy but yet very boring and plain. I guess

  • smdh


  • ♫ Team Tamar Braxton

    why oh why does Nicki always filter herself to look like a white woman

  • CauseImSelina

    Nothing I haven’t seen before ..Zzz

  • Bella

    K-Mart will be busier than its been in years. Anyone looking for a job should see if they’re hiring. This line is going to bring up their sales no doubt about it.