Fantasia On ‘106 & Park’, Wears All The Versace In The Free World

BET's 106 & ParkPhoto: Cindy Ord/BET


We want Fantasia to win in life, but if she keeps making these overtly wrong fashion choices it’s gonna be hard. The “Without Me” singer appeared on BET’s “106 & Park” on Wednesday in a all black look alongside Missy Elliot who was there to help perform the single.

For the show Tasia’ wore a black turtleneck, baggy leather pants, Giuseppe Zanotti Design spiked boots (found here) and tons of Versace jewelry. She’s draped like a tree. Something about the Italian brand must make urban celebrities go nuts, because just one necklace is never worn– it’s always four or more.


BET's 106 & ParkPhoto: Cindy Ord/BET

BET's 106 & ParkPhoto: Cindy Ord/BET

BET's 106 & ParkPhoto: Cindy Ord/BET


For her sit down interview, Fantasia kept the outfit but switched out her shoes for Giuseppe gold plated booties. Again we’re seeing a hood rich theme that we thought Fantasia had moved away from. Lesson here: Less is more.

Watch Fantasia perform in her outfit, below:


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  1. says:

    its a bit ghetto but not bad at all.. maybe if Riri or Ciara wore it we’d call it “edgy”

  2. says:

    Now leave Fannie alone….I loved those booties!!!

  3. says:

    she looks good to me

  4. says:

    Gotta go workout, but I always got time for a Fanny performance! Good job Fanny!

  5. says:

    And is she thowing up the illuminati sign……AWWWW HELLL. Their goes another one of Gods children. He (Satan)getting them all ain’t he…. Lord please keep me near the cross. PLEASE!

  6. says:

    Fanny still got it, always a good performer.

  7. says:

    She looked tacky as hell. she always does

  8. says:

    Black women….NO! women in general…please stop shaving the side of your head…it looks ridiculous. Missy, you can not rock a mullet weave…dats no bueno

  9. says:

    If she was the sh*t she wudve performed in the booties

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