Brett Johnson, BET Founders' Son, Launches Clothing Line

Brett Johnson, BET Founder’s Son, Launches Clothing Line

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As the 23-year-old son of once billionaire Bob and Sheila Johnson, Brett Johnson has a lot to live up to. Once a student at the University of Michigan, he dropped out after two years to pursue his love of fashion. With no formal design training and the help of a graphic designer, he’s created the Brett Johnson Collection.

In town for September’s New York Fashion Week, he hopes to appeal to buyers and visiting celebrities. “I definitely feel like this fits Jay Z and Justin Timberlake,” Johnson told the New York Daily News. “But also David Beckham or Ryan Gosling.”

Ranging in price from $695 to $1,675, the urban geared pieces consist of mainly outerwear all made in Florence, Italy. “I honestly think that’s where you get the best quality,” Johnson says. “China’s good at copying, Italians are the best with their hands, materials, fabrics. You name it, they do it the best.”

To see more of his pieces, go here.

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    Off course another clothing line. That’s the job creating force we need. Not tech