Your Morning Tea: What's Brewing In Fashion

Your Morning Tea: What’s Brewing In Fashion



If you think you can just roll into Pastor A.J. Aamir’s Waco, Texas church with a sew-in, you’ve got another thing coming. The southern pastor told his leadership staff and congregation that he does NOT want to see them wearing weaves in his church. Guess the Braxtons won’t be performing in his church anytime soon. [READ More]

Prepare yourself for some serious puppy preciousness. Bo Obama has a new play-friend to hang with 24/7 as the The White House welcomes, Sunny. Born in June of 2012, the puppy is also a Portuguese Water dog (like Bo) and has a name that matches her demeanor. The only one more excited than Bo is the First Lady. [WATCH More]

Maracaibo, Venezuela and neighboring Colombia have an obscure type of thief on their hands: Piranhas. No, they’re not stealing flesh in exotic waters, they’re robbing women of their long tresses to sell in local beauty shops. Making up to 5,000 bolivars ($780) a bundle, we see why this has become quite the epidemic. [READ More]

  • Wepo1

    Good, about time.

  • customcalendars4u2

    He better be prepared to lose over 85% of the churches membership!

  • Lola

    does this include the deacons with rugs?

  • DC

    There goes his congregation

  • St. Hubbins

    That’s dumb. I’ve never worn a weave before but still, where does he get off policing people’s bodies that way? And I suppose he’s entirely free of vanity, himself, or is he one of those types who only ‘rebukes’ women because men are visual creatures and can’t control themselves (though they’re always the ones who believe that men are fundamentally more rational and in control of themselves than are women)?

  • Amen-Ra

    About time, If GOD is truth and you say your down with him, then you should stand in truth too. Weaves are not truth they are an illusion.

  • whatthehell

    Some women have a reason to wear weave people go to church to hear the good word the pastor should not be worried whether a woman is wearing weave or not.The good book says come as you are

    • brightbright

      Come as you are means WITHOUT the fake hair. The only people who should have a problem with this article is the fake hair industry.

  • brightbright

    The simple fact that some are up in arm about this shows how disillusioned we are as a community. NO self-respecting black woman should wear a weave. That is not how you are naturally and it promotes low self esteem. You are saying that no matter how beautiful you are, you are nothing without long hair. Conversely you are also saying that no matter how ugly others are, as long as they have long hair they are beautiful because of their hair. How many black women have deprived themselves of food because money was spent of fake hair?