Infamous Mistresses and Affairs: 20 Celebrities That May Be Considered Homewreckers!

  • J J

    We women need to stop blaming other women for our breakup and check our man after all it takes two to tango and you cannot take someone who doesn’t want to be taken. So our quarrel should be with our partners first, they are the ones we took vows with

  • Mike

    Why no Yoko?

    • Steven Leitner

      Not only is she blamed for the Beatles’ breakup, she even broke up Lennon’s marriage to another woman.

  • ei-g1

    Wendi Deng should have been #1 on this list, having broken up at least two marriages, including Rupert Murdoch’s.

  • tmyw

    The cake should go to Julia Roberts.

  • Mio

    That’s so ridiculous JJ. Of course the other woman is to blame. Not saying that the man isn’t just as much at fault but, back when I was still dating, if a guy even admitted to having a g/f, case closed. i didn’t keep standing around to hear his sob story of how bad his relationship is. It means he has problems with resolving conflict without engaging in more conflict. it’s just a matter of time before you’re the problem and someone else is the solution.

  • Why?

    Marilyn Monroe is captioned as Madonna…really?

    • babyclaire2011

      Marilyn’s face makes Madonna look like she’s been rode hard and put up wet. SORRY !!!

  • Lilly

    You forgot Katie Couric

  • Guest

    You people need to have a proof reader before putting articles on the internet. There are numerous grammatical errors in these captions and of course Marilyn isn’t Madonna!!!

  • Bobbie


  • uhyah

    I thought it’s called caNoodling, not caDoodling.

  • Elle

    Totally agree with JJ. Women just want to think that some witch came along and put a spell on their man and forced him to cheat. The truth is, he was looking. If it hadn’t been one woman it would have been another (or several others). Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that there are temptations, you just have to “no.” Two people commit to each other and they are the ones who are responsible for any adultery.

  • Jkt

    No woman has ever broken up a marriage. The men were not morons, blind,mute, paralyzed, or deaf. Healthy men that cheat know full well what they are doing and don’t care. Blame it on the married cheaters.

  • Anna Scott

    Hello AJ

    • Salem

      Hello Jennifer Aniston. Or is it Heidi Bivens, the woman whom Aniston the cheap greasy slimy sltbag stole her man from?


    Hoopz is she from flava flav?

  • disqus_X0BpJiOuLg

    Angelina also broke up Billy Bob Thornton’s relationship to Laura Dern. Billy Bob was engaged to Laura when she reads in a paper I believe it was, that Billy Bob ran off and married Angelina. Way to find out your relationship is over huh? That’s why, I don’t care all the good works Angelina has done, I cannot stand this woman. No matter that she’s settled down w/Brad, I have no respect for a woman that goes out and wrecks not one, but two homes. One day it’s going to come back to her.

    • Kit23

      I thought I was the only person not fooled by Angelina’s “good works”. I totally agree with you.

      • disqus_X0BpJiOuLg

        Yeah I don’t care about her ambassador work, her adopting all these kids, I can’t help but wonder if she had some ulterior motive to mask all the pain she brought onto so many other people…trying to make the world see that she’s not such a bad person after all or something. Her own father tried to appeal to her that she needed help and she publicly dissed him for that. Her own father could see something wasn’t right and tried to steer her down the right path and she disowns him. Says something if you can’t even own up to your own character flaws and disown the very people that love you and are trying to help.

        • Salem

          When has Angelina brought anyone any pain? She has never hurt anyone, and only done good, and you use her psycho father who APOLOGISED for SLANDERING HER, as some sort of ‘evidence’? Are you that desperate?

          “Says something if you can’t even own up to your own character flaws and disown the very people that love you and are trying to help.

          Hello Jennifer Aniston, this is your MOTHER Nancy here, the mother who gave birth to you and raised you all on her own, only to have you call me a ‘disease’ and treat me like garbage. Hateful btch Aniston is to her own family – psycho.

    • Salem

      Firstly, it was proved that Dern LIED, her and BBT were over months before, and it has now, as we (most all) know, it was proven as well as Aniston HERSELF, said, that there was no affair. Its sad you are “baring false witness” against an innocent woman who has never done anything to hurt anyone.

      • disqus_X0BpJiOuLg

        Salem go crawl back under the rock you crawled out of. I’m not wasting any time debating w/a moron who has no more proof of YOUR claims.

        • Salem

          Typical response from an immature idiot who was corrected and resents it. I have proof alright, its on the internet, Dern’s own PUBLICIST released a press release stating Dern and BBT split up; the date? 2 months prior to his and AJ’s marriage. Too bad you didn’t do your research in the first place you idiot. Go back to the sewer. Team Heidi Bivens!

        • Salem

          Oh, and by the way, Dern and BBT were NEVER EVEN *ENGAGED*!!! She referred to him as my boyfriend, and her publicist’s statement referred to him as boyfriend. They were not actually engaged. But then homewrecker-lover like you doesn’t concern yourself with proof, facts and research do you? You just gullibly believe the trashy tabloids and accept everything you read is true. Go back to your sewerage silo you gullible tabloid airhead. Get right with God, now that its Christmas. Develop something called MORALS.

      • disqus_X0BpJiOuLg

        Your reply seems to be waiting moderation so I will respond here…Salem, it must be really sad to have such a black heart. May God bless you and bring you the inner peace you so desperately need. May you have a blessed Christmas. Accept God into your heart and soul and may you learn to show kindness on others. I pray for that for you.

        • Salem

          As I said, Get right with God, now that its Christmas. Develop something called MORALS. It must be sad having such a black heart and being against God’s works, and hating a good person. What sort of a person judges another woman who has never hurt anyone, and whom is a symbol ofGod’s love and good works on earth I feel sorry for you that you smear a good woman and havesuch hate in your heart. I pray that you learn to support good people and you take from God’s love, because right now, you sound downright evil.

        • Salem

          An indication that you don’t forgive and forget (not that with her, there is anything to forgive) when you say “That’s why, I don’t care all the good works Angelina has done,” so you don’t care what good she does you are so stubborn and determined to hate her for something she never even did, NINE YEARS AGO? And you are lecturing *me* on God? FMD! You’re the one pouring hatred and judgment, SHAME ON YOU! Open your heart to forgiveness, truth and love. I will pray for you to stop allowing the devil to rule your heart.

  • Salem

    Why isn’t the biggest homewrecking sltwhre Jennifer Aniston not listed? She is a 3 times homewrecker. She stole Tate Donovan from Sandra Bullock. She infamously stole cheating greaseball douchebag from Heidi Bivens. She had been photographed trying to hide her face with the very married Chris Gartin. And of course, she betrayed her own husband a chose a career over him and did the dirty on him. Heidi Bivens at least is enough for Aniston to be on this list. Karma is a b Aniston you filthy psycho sltbag from hell, and you will get yours you man-stealing maggot!! What will she do to cover up all the pain she has caused and all the breakups she has caused?

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