DJ Cassidy Admits To Shopping For Women's Accessories

The Very Popular & Dapper DJ Cassidy Isn’t Too Scared To Shop In The Women’s Section (No Shame In His Game)

Everyone’s favorite DJ, DJ Cassidy (not to be mistaken for the Philly rapper) is not too proud to say he shops for his accessories at women’s boutiques like Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren and Intermix. While most men would never admit such a thing, DJ Cassidy boasts that his white tusk shaped necklace (that he has in black and white) from Tory Burch was not made for men and that Tory Burch does not make accessories for men.

“You’ve always got to browse the female sections of stores; I always do. You never know: the jewelry, a straw hat; you know, there’s the rare thing, but you’re going to be the only wearing it,” says DJ Cassidy.

It’s actually quite enlightening to know that he’s so comfortable in his style that he can browse the women’s department to find pieces to add to his collection.
“The first time I ever did it, I was like, ‘I’m buying this for my girlfriend,'” he laughs.

“Then I said to myself, what the hell am I doing? I’m buying this for me. I don’t need to say that. I was like, Fawk this, I’m trying it on. Please, what am I hiding?”

Now if more men could admit to their fascination with women’s clothing and accessories…

See the slideshow below of the many looks (and hats) of the very stylish DJ Cassidy: