They Deserved Better: 15 Actors And Their Final Performances In Bad Movies

  • Guest

    Sean Connery is not dead

    • demoncat_4

      one does not have to be dead to have made this list. for the loeg was so bad that it made sean decide he was done with acting for good. he did not want to be part of holly wood any more.

    • Mimihaha

      And it says so, right in the story, that while he is not dead, he is no longer acting.

      Learn to read.

  • Better than guest

    ^ Ur an idiot.

    • Samuel Tyler Sprowl

      Hey, be nice now.

  • Laila

    Bernie Mac’s last movie was “Soul Men,” also a considerable flop.

  • akp

    am I insane for loving street fighter

    • Troy Nunyah


    • Joel0903

      Don’t feel bad. It was an eye candy movie and meant to be one. Just look at Cammy and don’t worry about the rest.

  • DearbornJimbo

    I wonder what Lloyd Bridges would think if he knew he were being described as a “matriarch.”

    • elyshirley

      I liked Mafia and of course so did my kids.

  • Samuel Tyler Sprowl

    Transformers: The Movie is great. Sure, it’s a little childish, but who cares? It doesn’t really deserve to be on this list, regardless of Wells’ opinion of the material.

    • Prince Raw D

      That is not even the same voice that is used in the movie. Not sure who that even is. Your right though, this should not be on this list!

      • Samuel Tyler Sprowl

        I’m glad you agree friend. I will always consider this to be the real Transformers movie.

  • thatonedude

    Yeah Transformers: The Animated Movie is largely considered one of the best animated movies of all time. So Orson Wells shouldn’t even be on this list.

    • spackle

      I’m a TF fan but be realistic. It’s a cult classic, not a good movie. It’s a bunch of fight scenes wrapped in a commercial. Or a bunch of commercials wrapped in a fight scene.

      • Skaught

        I completely agree with spackle. Yes, it holds a special place in the hearts of millions who saw it as a child (myself included), but it is not a good movie. It has a plot that could have been covered in a single episode of the show (a two-parter at most) and in the middle it goes off on tangents that are never really resolved. You could argue that they were setting up elements for the next season of the show, but a good movie stands on its own, and TFTM definitely does not.

    • zaz_cag

      It was his ‘biggest’ role of his career.

  • Author is a moron

    omg… i love that whoever wrote this doesnt know what a matriarch is. Lloyd Bridges did not give birth to Jeff and Beau Bridges, he was the father, therefore PATRIARCH. Patriarch is the father, matriarch the mother…

    … idiot

  • Colin Howell

    Maybe this movie doesn’t count as bad enough, but I still think Lawrence Olivier deserves a special place on lists like this for being turned into a digital zombie in “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” as the villian Dr. Totenkopf (whose name turns out to be both a spoiler and a bizarre inside joke).

  • Miss Y

    Lloyd Bridges is not a MATRIARCH – he’s a man. Who writes this stuff?

  • John Connor

    No mention of Heath Ledger?!? His last movie ”The Imaginarium of Doctor something” was horrible.

    • Joel0903

      I think people just ignore it pretend TDK was his last film, since only – approximately – 2 people not related to the cast and crew saw his last actual film. I’m not sure if that number has actually been confirmed and the total may be half what I have listed here.

  • Ian Mora

    Wagons East is awesome

  • carre1

    Plan 9 from Outer Space is so bad, it’s good.

  • virusts

    Sean Connery still does some voice work. So he shouldn’t be on this list.

  • Chris Barber

    No mention of poor Tom Arnold getting destroyed by The Stupids?

  • fairportfan

    The only good thing about “Trog” is that inspired John Landis’ spoof, “Schlock”.

  • fairportfan

    Wot – no love for “Cuban Rebel Girls”, Errol Flynn’s last film?

  • Steve Bergman

    It’s really too bad about “Queen of the Damned”. That was one of Rice’s best novels. The producers bought the rights and then sat on them until the last minute, when the rights were to revert back to Rice since they hadn’t ever done anything with them. So they hurriedly threw together a really badly done adaptation. I’d love to see a remake by another studio, done right this time. The story is intricate and quite engaging.

  • Commander Balok

    The Man With The Snake on His Face was the Cats Arse. RIP you funny funny kind man

  • Laura Keefer

    Sean Connery is not dead. Wow…

  • Laura Keefer

    Sean Connery is not dead. Wow…

    • Mimihaha

      Learn to read.

  • elyshirley

    I liked Wagons East. I’m going to go feel my forehead now.

  • mytwocents

    Was with ya till the last 2. There hasn’t been a better transformer since the 1987 animated classic. League of Extraordinary Men was a good movie too.

  • James Rawlins

    The sad thing about Peter Sellers is that Fu Manchu came out not long after Being There, which Sellers was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar. More than one critic (including Siskel and Ebert) noted that this was one of the saddest things they could remember in a brilliant career.

  • Phuh Que

    hey this website is the most god-awful ad filled poorly written piece of sh!t I have ever seen. it even tried to install spyware.

  • Karl Hungus

    I didn’t think ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ was bad at all; I actually enjoyed it.


      I agree with you, and why you say? Because I actually watched the movie.
      And, now I’m going to go spend this week’s spare money on a Blu-ray
      box-set with HD original included just to piss some haters off at the
      check-out counter.

  • dfizzo

    Come on, Raul Julia’s performance as Bison is legendary. The an KNEW he was dying and was fully aware how campy and ridiculous the movie was. He mostly made it because his kids loved Street Fighter.
    The brilliance of it is that Julia is bascally the only actor who DOESN’T try to take the movie seriously and said “If I’m going to act in something this ludicrous let’s go all the way” and it is EPIC.

  • Tony

    No mention of Edward G. Robinson in Soylent Green? That movie was awful. It looked more like a bad TV movie than a huge Hollywood production.

  • tevra

    Citizen Kane can be an instructional tool on how to make a soap opera – as far as movies go it fits the norm of what critics consider great the most of us who watch it will fall asleep during a snoozfest – too much self centered talking.

    while the people involved are talented they are not as good as they think they are or they they wouldn’t think we want to listen to them yammering on and on for the entire show

  • IpseCogita

    Your adds keep changing size, forcing the article up and down the screen and making the whole page unreadable.

  • Pizza the Hut

    Transformers 1986 is not all to bad.

  • Todd Campbell Bobo

    The Trial of the Pink Panther was not the last of Peter Seller’s movies, I remember him in “Being There” , a much better flick! Bravo Peter Sellers!

  • Todd Campbell Bobo

    I liked Sean Connery in “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and every other performance he gave, me thinks thou doth protest to much!!!

  • zaz_cag

    Trog was a good arcade game.

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