15 Shocking Celebrity Slimdowns

Shocking Celebrity Slimdowns: 15 Jaw-Dropping Weight Losses In Hollywood

Celebrities in the spotlight are constantly slimming down. We’re still scarred after watching 50 Cent morph into a skeleton for his role in All Things Fall Apart. Before 50’s scary slimdown, Lindsay Lohan shocked the world when she showed up to a red carpet drastically thinner. Up until today we still applaud Jennifer Hudson for her dramatic weight loss achieved the healthy (and paid) way through a sponsored diet. Whether it’s for a film role or a shot as landing a fashion campaign, a majority of your favorite celebrities have seemingly shrunk right before our eyes. See the 15 stars who have undergone the most dramatic slimdowns below!

Nicole Richie

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Toward the end of Nicole Richie’s reality show career alongside former best friend, Paris Hilton, the socialite made waves after reappearing on the scene with a new thin figure. During the pre-baby era, Richie was dropping pounds and partying hard, leaving the public to believe the socialite was dabbling in drugs and/or battling an eating disorder. Following a quick stint in jail, Richie settled down with rocker Joel Madden and after the birth of her daughter, Harlow, the fashion designer returned to a petite albeit healthy weight.

50 Cent

50 Cent


For 50 Cent’s role as cancer-stricken American football player Deon in All Things Fall Apart, the rapper was forced to shed 160 pounds in two months. Sustaining on a liquid diet, the rapper shared photos on his Twitter that shocked fans into kind of being scared to even watch the film.

Lindsay Lohan

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2009 was not a good year for Lindsay Lohan. After an arrest, LiLo’s drastic weight loss (and bad press) plagued her comeback. Luckily for Lohan and her legions of fans the actress is on a better track since her post-rehab days.

Jennifer Hudson

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While some celebs’ weight loss methods remain questionable, Jennifer Hudson did it the right way as spokeswoman for weight loss company Weight Watchers. A year later, the actress/singer dropped an impressive 80 pounds.

Matthew McConaughey

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Like 50 Cent, actor Matthew McConaughey was forced to drop extreme amounts of weight in order to land the role as Ron Woodroof in the biopic Dallas Buyers Club. The actor had to drop 47 pounds in a month in order to nab the role as Woodroof, an HIV positive Texan man who smuggled in non-FDA-approved drugs from Mexico for treatment in the ’80s.

LeAnn Rimes

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During the height of LeAnn Rimes’ public scrutiny, a photo of the country singer looking emaciated in a bikini made its way onto the Internet. Rimes vehemently denied eating disorder allegations and even went on Ellen to publicly set the record straight, although her interview didn’t quell the rumors. Two years later, Rimes voluntarily checked herself into an impatient treatment facility to “cope with anxiety and stress.” The actress returned to the spotlight with a healthier physique.

Tara Reid

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In 2007, Tara Reid was forced to speak out about her body image and botched surgeries after scary-skinny pictures of the her in a bikini hit the blogosphere. Admitting to plastic surgery, the actress denied all allegations that she was suffering from an eating disorder and had fans in an uproar. During the height of Tara’s controversial weight loss, a magazine alleged the actress had gone from 120 to just 93 lbs within six weeks.

Jonah Hill

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Jonah Hill shocked the world when he showed up to the 21 Jump Street premiere 40 lbs lighter than his former Superbad self. Hill’s drastic weight loss happened on the heels of his film Moneyball co-starring Brad Pitt that earned him an Oscar nod. Since then, Hill’s yo yo dieting has caught up to him and the actor has put some of his weight back on.

Jordin Sparks

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American Idol winner Jordin Sparks dropped an impressive 50 pounds in the span of a year by working out twice a day, and incorporating a Latin fitness class in between her personal training sessions that included hiking. The star has never looked better.

Victoria Beckham



On the heels of the Spice Girls reunion tour, Victoria Beckham’s already controversial physique dwindled down to nothing in the matter of months. Alleging her weight loss was due to fatigue and rehersal, we spent the better half of 2009 watching Posh Spice drop massive amounts of weight.

Christian Bale

The Machinist (2004) wenn pf


In 2005, just before Bale morphed into Batman, the actor lost a shocking 63 pounds to play a chronic insomniac in the film The Machinist. The six foot actor lived off an all liquid diet and overexercised in order to weigh in at just under 122 pounds. Bale reportedly took supplements in order to maintain energy.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie wenn pf


Angelina Jolie shocked red carpet photographers and on-lookers when she showed up appearing to be significantly thinner from her last public outing. During the height of Jolie’s weight scrutiny, sources alleged the actress stuck to a diet of nuts and berries and it was reported that the actress weighed just under 92 pounds. Earlier this year, Jolie revealed she had underwent a double mastectomy which likely lead to dramatic weight loss.

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin wenn pf


When photos of Macaulay Culkin in NYC hit the internet, fans of the Home Alone child star were left speechless at the actor’s sunken cheeks, skeletal frame and scraggly hair. The actor’s gaunt appearance led media outlets to believe he was addicted to drugs, but Culkin’s manager later released a statement that the actor lost weight for a role in an upcoming movie. The film has yet to go into production. #SideEye

Mary Kate Olsen



On the heels of Mary Kate Olsen’s 18th birthday, the actress entered treatment for an eating disorder. Prior to Olsen’s admittance into recovery, the actress emaciated frame out-shined her onscreen performance and sparked rumors that the actress had stopped eating and was dabbling in drugs.

Christina Aguilera

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The telltale sign of a celebrity planning a comeback is the weight loss, and there’s no better example of that truth than Christina Aguilera who dropped weight before she was announced as a judge on The Voice, and released the second single off her album, “Let There Be Love.”  We see what you did there, Xtina.

  • MacingFacing

    Christian Bale is a beast. The Machinist is a good movie and the weight less left me in awe. Just for a movie. You can tell the good actors from the bad ones. CB is a goody.

    • Heather Misura

      If I were responsible for the making of that movie, I would have fired him for losing that much! He can get himself to the darker side of gaunt without messing with the curvature of his spine, and if their makeup artists can’t take it the rest of the way with makeup and lighting, what the hell are they good for? I love that movie, but it is painful for me to watch. Too close, there…

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