2013 Video Music Awards: The Best-Dressed Celebrities

2013 MTV Music Video AwardsPhoto: WENN


We were pleased to find out that there wasn’t some crazy conspiracy to only wear black and white at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards to show allegiance to the Brooklyn Nets. The bland color palette was actually chosen because of poor fashion taste. Luckily, there was a healthy contingent of celebrities who gravitated toward color and well-fitting outfits.

Macklemore who went home with three awards –“Best Rap Video,” “Best Video with a Message” and “Best Cinematography”– was also one of our favorite dressed men of the night for his daring mint green suit and gaudy (in a good way) accessories. We were also presently surprised by a certain former Bad Boy Records girl group that reunited and looked great.

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  • NeaJ

    I thought Rita Ora WAS Beyonce! Lol. She looked amazing

  • Tammi

    Ciara had that style first, espcially that length, color, etc.

  • Secret

    Beyonce hair cut? Come on she just got the freakin hair cut, it doesnt belong to her.

  • TbeeZ

    I bet everyone thought Ole white macmore was down with the swirl lol Hmm they stick to their kind. It’s the self hate negros that don’t

  • njoyabl

    From that top angle, Rita looks just like Beyonce.

  • Ole Dawg

    Miley Cyrus..trailer trash…mommy and Daddy must be so proud.

  • Ole Dawg

    This why my daugher is not permitted to listen to Miley, Beyonce, and who is the other one from Barbados…

    • Emmanuel Sanders

      why not beyonce?

    • Jerseysmelltours

      I think her name is sewer rat???

  • Jerseysmelltours

    I’m old and all that and the names in “music” change so quickly it’s hard to stay current with the “stars” but these are no-bodies trying to class-up themselves and it doesn’t work…blah. I love seeing Mr West/Mr Kardashian looking so busted-out by that whore….dumb-ass is as dumb-ass does…

  • Jer

    How to prostitute for publicity….the Miley Cyrus handbook.

  • coondog

    “White trash”

  • timmy2001

    It would have been a completely different night if she had kept her tongue in her mouth.