Reviewing Crystal's Royal Secrets All Natural Hair & Skin Care Line

Beauty Review: Crystal’s Royal Secrets All Natural Hair & Skin Care Line

crystals royal secrets emollient rejuvenator

We’re always trying new beauty products, on and under our radar, and we were recently able to try products from boutique beauty brand Crystal’s Royal Secrets by Waterlady, Inc.

Former model, Crystal Devin, who is of African-American and Native American descent, uses her personal experience with hair-loss and study of herbology to create the safe, all-natural hair and skin care line handmade by African-American women. And when we say all-natural, we mean all-natural as in shea butter, grapeseed oil, rosemary, walnut leaves and other earthy ingredients make up all of her beauty products.

We had the opportunity to test out Crystal’s Royal Secrets’ Herbal Hair Rejuvenator  and Shea Silk Skin Emollient.

The first thing we noticed about the Hair Rejuvenator—made from jaborandi, maidenhair fern, rosemary/sage, and walnut leaves among other ingredients—was how amazing it smelled! (Fun fact: Devin’s worked with a former Revlon wonder perfumer Howard Kennedy to develop the scent which boasts peach as its main ingredient.) The Rejuvenator formula sits like a balm but melts to the touch for oiling the scalp to fight dryness, itching, and promote healthy hair growth. It didn’t start smelling stale after a few days, which I’ve had happen with other big name brands. It works for both natural and chemically processed hair.

The Skin Emollient—made from shea butter, almond oil, sesame oil, grapeseed oil and coco butter—is a light, creamy formula that delivers deep moisturizing to the skin. I had a good time slathering on the almost whipped-feeling emollient and couldn’t get over how soft and silky it made my skin feel. This is definitely a moisturizer to have in your fall and winter arsenal for combating the cold weather and curing dry skin.

By the way, Devin also does custom orders if you happen to want your own special mix of earthy ingredients to suit your needs.


The line retails for an affordable $13-$30 and is available for purchase on