StyleBlazer Exclusive: Paula Patton On Her Style And More

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Paula Patton On Her Style, Skincare Secrets And More

Photo: WENN

In our eyes, Paula Patton can do wrong. She’s got the good looks and the good-looking (and talented!) husband, and she always looks effortlessly amazing. Like who can wear a white dress while carrying her toddler son and look stunning at the same time? See proof here. In hopes of getting a fraction of what she has, we caught up with the Baggage Claim actress to learn more about her style and her beauty secrets.

You always look great on the red carpet. How would you describe your style?
For me my style is, I say…I love the 50’s but more so 60’s movie stars like Sophia Loren and Bridgette Bardot. I love that. The way those women were, they had curves, they were very feminine. I always like to give it a modern twist, you know, a little bit of a bohemian feel. Something that makes it you know, different. I’m also a bit of a schizophrenic about that because I’m the kind of person where if you invited me to go horseback riding, not like that would ever happen, but I’d be the one to have the full outfit. I’d have the riding boots, like, I love costumes so I dress my mood rather than saying I have one particular style. I think I’m eclectic.

Who are your go-to designers?
I have to say Dolce & Gabbana is probably my favorite designer. I always know it’s going to fit because they make clothes for women who have curves and butts and you get a little stretch in it you can move, you know.

Your skin is always glowing. What’s your skincare regimen and any skincare secrets?
I like to eat like everybody else. I like bad food and good food but I do try to eat fairly healthy most of the time and then my weekends are tacos and stuff. And drinking lots of water so what you put in, I think, helps. I think also it’s the energy you give out to the world. I really believe that, and I know it sounds hokey but I’ve known some beautiful people who turned out to be real ugly. And I know people who might no be traditionally what you consider beautiful just be so gorgeous because they are beautiful from the inside and they glow and I think working on that inside part is probably more important than any cream on your face. That’s not to say that I don’t. I am a sucker at a makeup counter! I’m always switching it up, I really am. Now I’m into a line called Éminence. They’re an organic line. They have these great facial masks that really could change your skin overnight. Hey, I love it! So that’s my new one plus I had to tone down the skincare routine because I have a child and there’s no time.
Baggage Claim starring Paula Patton hit theaters on September 27.