Ciara vs. Beyonce In Givenchy's Sheer Feathered Couture Gown

Who Blazed It Better: Ciara Vs Beyonce In Givenchy’s Sheer Feathered Couture Gown

ciara vs beyonce givenchy couture gown

The fashion at last night’s VMAs was iffy—at best, but lucky for us a few of our fave celebs came correct.  One star who came to win was CiCi, in a fall 2010 Givenchy couture gown.  If the dress looks at all familiar, it’s because Queen Bey wore a similar version to the 2012 Met Gala.  It’s a bold move challenging the Queen, but in Ciara’s case it pays off.

Though we prefer Bey’s hair and makeup we are giving Ciara the win—don’t stone us just yet, here is why.  Ciara’s underpinning to hide her…umm…shall we call them lady-bits is seamless and matches her complexion perfectly.  Beyonce’s was too stark of a contrast, which distracted us from the beauty of the gown.

Check out the evidence below.


MTV Video Music Awards 2013Credit: Andres Otero/WENN

MTV Video Music Awards 2013Credit: Andres Otero/WENN

Beyonce KnowlesCredit: WENN

Beyonce KnowlesCredit: WENN

Tell us what you think! Long live the Queen or all hail the C-Squad?

  • Chuck

    Imo, Ciara has a more toned body and was able to wear it without the additional padding that Bey did, the design looks better on her (C), but I don’t like what she did with her hair

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