10 Natural Hair Beauties At The 2013 Afropunk Festival

10 Natural Hair Beauties At The 2013 Afropunk Festival (Be Inspired!)


The 2013 Afropunk Festival was the perfect place for natural haired ladies and men to werk their locs last weekend. We saw all types of hairstyles –in different colors– this year that were very inspiring. If you’ve ever fantasized about rocking a daring hairstyle, Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn was the place to be.

Hit the next slides to see who was natural and proud!










  • NYC Gal

    It’s always a wonderful thing to see beautiful black women rocking their natural texture!

  • LikesToKeepItReal

    I love having natural hair.

  • yagurlgg

    did yall mean beautiful hair or face??

    • NYC Gal


    • MacingFacing

      Fycking troll. Stop race baiting.

      • yagurlgg

        im black and natural!! some of them, their hair style was ok. but they were not beauties…

  • iTs_gLoGlo

    Not one of these hairstyles are cute.

    • MacingFacing

      Fycking troll. Stop race baiting #2

      • iTs_gLoGlo

        Did I just get called a troll by a troll? lol

    • yagurlgg

      lol there not

  • 02241219

    I’ve been wearing my hair natural for 2 years now. I will never use wigs, tracks or weaves ever again. I went natural because I have 2 daughters and noticed how they starting admiring girls/women with long straight hair and that was not ok. These girls are gorgeous!

    Fyi…These hairstyles are way cuter than walking around with some poor indian childs hair glued or sowed into someone else’s head ::shiver::

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