Up & Comers: Conrad Bromfield

Up & Comers: Conrad Bromfield Is Your New Favorite Male Model

conradb2Photo: Tumblr

Last week we exposed you to California-cool clothing brand, Clover Canyon. This week, allow us to introduce South African-born model, Conrad Bromfield.

The modelling industry is one of the few industries in the world where women rule and leave little space for men to thrive but Jamaican-born Bromfield has still found a way to make his mark.


conradb4Photo: Tumblr

Discovered in the streets of SoHo, Conrad has scored major campaign slots for brands like Tom Ford, H&M and has walked for Vivienne Westwood, Michael Kors, and J. Crew. He’s also a mainstay on Tumblr where his urban style gets major reblogs and inspires the style of young fashionistas/os globally. He has the perfect mix of mainstream yet editorial appeal, and his style transcends cultures.

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  • lool

    What team is he playing for?

  • Ugh!

    Boris Kodjoe and Will Lemay are two of my favorite models. This guys doesn’t compare.

  • tysandsnyc

    He’s fine! Give him my numbah!