Who Blazed It Better: Hayden Panettiere Vs. Nicki Minaj In Alexander McQueen

Nicki Minaj McQueen3Photo: Instagram


We spotted the Alexander McQueen “Stained Glass” dress on Nicki Minaj earlier this month for a night of partying. We love the print and sophisticated style of the dress, and even remarked on how it can work on a variety of body types.

Which is why it was no surprise that Hayden Panettiere wore the same exact dress for the “Late Show with David Letterman” today. The actress paired the mini with fire engine red booties and Fendi cuff. Like Nicki, Hayden has a bleached blonde mane a new blunt cut that adds edge to the total look.

To buy the dress, go here.


Hayden Panettiere strikes a pose at the "Late Show with David Letterman"Photo: AKM-GSI

Nicki Minaj McQueen4Photo: Instagram

Nicki Minaj McQueen2Photo: Instagram

Nicki Minaj McQueenPhoto: Instagram

Hayden Panettiere strikes a pose at the "Late Show with David Letterman"Photo: AKM-GSI

Hayden Panettiere strikes a pose at the "Late Show with David Letterman"Photo: AKM-GSI


Who blazed it better?

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  • Lance



    obviously nicki lol come on now.

  • Jocelyn’s Mom

    Why does it even have to go that freaking far? They both look great in the dress for different reasons.

  • Sarah

    Nicki. Without question

  • more

    Hayden Panettiere body is REAL therefore she wins by default

    • Jada4610

      I feel like from the front the dress’ pattern makes you look flat chested. It looks weird on nikki because it looks like she has no boobs to balance out all those hips. So I go with Hayden too

    • Huh?

      Nicks exaaaagggerrated hips look like she got a lampshade under her dress. Looks very unnatural.

  • What The Hell Ever

    Nicki looks better from the side. I’ll have to give the other angles to Hayden. Sometimes too much makeup, weave, etc., is just that–too much. I like that Hayden matched her nails to the dress though.

  • taz

    hayden…hands down. im sick of that kneeling pose nicki does. Im sick of the blonde and her botched nose job. She actually makes the dress look a little cheap…..its just something about her

  • Richard R

    Hayden hands up and down…

  • ashhhleeee

    Haydn looks nice but obviously nicki got that :)

  • Cazeliah

    One went for a simplistic look (Hayden) while the other brought a lot more out the dress (Nicki’s cakes). The dress is weird looking to me either way. I like warmnest Hayden’s face brings to her body..little of this, little of that and presto! lol =) They both do their own thing with the dress on.

  • Marjani

    Nikki looks retarded from the front….tf?! Imma go with Hayden on this one…flapjacks and all. She don’t need no booty..she looks cute.

    • HC houtx

      that’s what i was thinking!

  • kingjames

    everybody hating on nicki clearly she got the body for it you people know no fashion what so ever why yal mad? answer this queswtion who looks better in that dress you or nicki minaj