You'll Never Guess Which Stars Stuck Up For Miley Cyrus

She’s Just Being Miley: You’d Never Guess Who’s On #TeamMiley

Celebrities attend 2013 MTV VMA Awards

Photo: AKM-GSI

Miley Cyrus has caused quite the stir this week and with just reason. After a very scandalous VMA performance the world simply “Can’t Stop” talking about Miley! Following a viral video of Miley twerking in a unicorn suit earlier this year it seems the former Disney darling has taken her new found gimmick and ran with it. Surprisingly, not all of the responses have been negative though, with some very notable industry names giving Miley what seems to be their stamp of approval. See which stars seem to agree with Miley “just being Miley”:

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage

Photo: Getty Images

After their epic VMA performance Robin Thicke tweeted “That was dope” as the Twittersphere collectively exploded in commentary.

  • TastesLikeCandy

    I cant..

  • LMAO

    Notice the pattern? They’re all gutter trash themselves.

  • yz

    Black men and their hoes

  • Bottom Line

    Miley does not care!!! She twerking all the way to the BANK! Lol…..

    • truthfaith

      for this moment she is most of these artists that went the trashy route where are they now ? this is just good news i must say because over 5- 10 years from now miley will belong on that pile of who is that again oo its one of those trashy celebs back in the day lol im just glad my parents didnt raised me to be trashy. thank god. its just sad instead of having higher standards for your self u just put ur self out there as trash and thats also how her carreer and life wil end up in just in the bin.

      ps: miley does care btw she hitting the scene with twerking and rapping and what not because thats in right now if she didnt cared she would be miley right now and not act like most teens and do what she sees on tv..and besides miley was a actress in my mind miley is just acting right now to get that money so there for i dont even see her as a artist that earns respect shes just playing around with her fans mind and with her fans money.

  • lmao

    She thought she was Madonna lols, I do admire her courage because theres no way I would be twerking a boy looking booty or showing a non curve body like hers. gotta luv her for trying tho.

  • Tara


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