The 15 Unforgivable Celebrity Fashion Fails

15 Unforgivable Celebrity Fashion Fails

While we can forgive and forget some fashion flops, there were a handful of celebrity style moments we remain to question. Like, why is Rihanna wearing an extension attached to her pixie cut? Granted, celebrities deserve some praise for attempting to break a trend, but wearing tropical print to a red carpet event? Really, Busta Rhymes? After taking another glance at what celebrities wore this summer, chances are your looks have never failed as hard as the likes of Rihanna, Ciara, and Miley Cyrus. From Serena Williams’ sailor-chic gone terribly wrong to Rihanna’s chopped mullet, see the 15 celebs that have fallen from fashion’s good graces.



Rihanna presents her 'Rogue' fragrance wenn pf

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In typical Rihanna fashion, badgalRiRi spent the better half of the summer creating new looks out of former looks. After briefly revisiting the beloved pixie cut, Rihanna –currently channeling “ghetto gothic” realness– has sewn a few inches of extensions to her cropped cut and is rocking a mullet. YES, A MULLET. As in the worst hairstyle mankind has ever conceived. Here’s hoping the Navy thinks twice before copying their fearless leader’s latest look.

Paula Patton

2013 MTV Music Awards wenn pf

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Aside from looking completely uncomfortable (or suffocated?) in her gothic disco-ball gown at the MTV VMAs, Paula Patton super high slit forced the actress to hit Angelina Jolie’s infamous leg-out pose that didn’t work for Jolie, and also doesn’t work for our girl Paula.


Ciara attends and performs at Ditch Fridays wenn pf

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Ciara was on the money when she was decided to go with a midi-length graphic print dress, only issue here is the actual graphic used on the dress. A 50s motel? Not sure if that’s the greatest look for CiCi.

Serena Williams

Delta Air Lines hosts the Delta Open celebrity table tennis tournament wenn pf

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On the court, Serena Williams is a champion, off the court, the tennis pro’s style falls on the opposite side of the spectrum. At the Delta Open celebrity table tennis tournament Williams went for a sailer-chic look that crumbled the moment she put on an actual sailor hat. Paired with a leather blazer, black leggings and unflattering flats, we’re not sure how this reads nautical…or stylish.


Ke Performs at 1 Oak Nightclub Las Vegas

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After debuting a sleeker look at the Billboard Music Awards, Kesha returned to her tacky ways during NYFW where she was seen at an after party in a superhero meets lingerie look. Kesha’s style props are now null and void.

Miley Cyrus

2013 MTV Video Music Awards wenn pf

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Could another reason behind Anna Wintour’s decision to remove Miley Cyrus from the Vogue December issue have been the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s wreck of a red carpet look? We don’t think Anna would approve of Miley Cyrus donning bejeweled black leggings, even if they made for the perfect twerking trouser.

Katy Perry

vmas awards ny wennpf

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Katy Perry’s style revamp as been met with plenty of hits and misses, her major (and most recent) miss happened on the VMA red carpet, where the “Roar” singer showed up to the red carpet in the same dress top model Coco Rocha wore to the Met Gala red carpet months earlier. Yikes! To make matters worse, Perry paired the copy-cat dress with a set of grillz that ultimately killed her chances of getting on a best dressed list.


2013 MTV Video Music Awards

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Clearly, Drake forgot the time when the entire world side-eyed Macy Gray for taking to a red carpet in a dress with her album name printed across. At the VMAs (and on Instagram) Drake and his clique have all been sporting t-shits with the rapper’s third studio title, Nothing Was The Same emblazoned across the side of the t-shirts. Shameless promotion and that t-shirt do not look good on you, Drizzy. Stop.

Vanessa Hudgens

WWE & E! Entertainment's SuperStars For Hope Event wennpf

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WHOA! Vanessa Hudgens medieval (…?) inspired look is all over the place from the gold floral print, to the tulle to the huge oversized braid atop Hudgen’s head– the entire look is a total eyesore.

Tyra Banks

CW, CBS and Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party wennpf

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Tyra Banks was sentenced to top model jail when she hit an event with her body (albeit phenomenal) on display. Tyra was nearly busting out of her skin tight nude lace dress that left far too little to the imagination. Another offense: Awkward bed hair.

Sarah Hyland

MTV Video Music Awards 2013wennpf

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We’ll excuse “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland for what seems to be a not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman wardrobe disaster that happened at the VMAs. Perhaps she was still attempting to channel the Great Gatsby look, or maybe she just really loves fringe? Whatever the case might’ve been, Hyland’s red fringe nightmare will forever taint her red carpet style resume.

Busta Rhymes

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals at the Barclays Center wennpf

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Busta Rhymes has always been a bit experimental with style, but the silk tropical print shirt and white pant combo the rapper donned on the red carpet was absolutely NOT OKAY for a 2013 red carpet. Someone get Busta a stylist quick and have them burn this busted look STAT.

Nick Cannon

America's Got Talent wenn pf

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Nick Cannon is far from a GQ trendsetter, but c’mon Nick a shiny paisley print suit? We assumed you/Mariah Carey knew better than that.

Jennifer Aniston

World Premiere of 'We're The Millers' wenn pf

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Jennifer Aniston’s red carpet looks are either a home run or horrible fail. At the Meet The Millers red carpet premiere, Jen decided to go with a eggplant dress that cut at an awkward length, and gave the actress with a weird fabric pouch that further fueled pregnancy rumors. Add that to the unfortunate case of ‘sex’ hair that looked anything but Hot, and there you have Jennifer Aniston’s worst red carpet look of the summer. Sad.

Lil Kim

2013 MTV Video Music Awards wenn pf

Photo: WENN

Oh, Lil’ Kim. We’ve been rooting for the rapper since Nicki Minaj unleashed a slew of dis tracks aimed at Kim, but we can’t defend this terrible jumpsuit Lil’ Kim wore to the MTV VMAs. Not only was it the same catsuit Minaj on a magazine cover, but the ill fitting jumpsuit appeared to be made out of garbage bags and was paired with unflattering shoes. Unfortunately, Lil’ Kim suffered the worst summer red carpet look.

  • Calmom

    Regarding Serena Williams I believe that she wore a “Pilot hat” (not sailor hat) as an appropriate tribute to the event sponsor Delta Airlines.

  • TLK96

    Katy Perry. Wow! Lol! She is wearing the leopard print dress and mocking a leopard with the clawing and roars. But does anyone pay attention to her feet and how they look like bear claws? Lol!

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