Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks Battle It Out For Worst Weave

Who Blazed It Worse: Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks Battle It Out For Worst Weave

gaga vs azealia hair

Hair is one of the best natural (and unnatural) accessories that we have. It can change our whole attitude as it transforms our looks. But what about when that transformation is less like Cinderella and more like the Lion King? We can definitely get carried away with our beauty looks every now and then. Coincidentally enough, some celebrities make a living out of it—namely stars like Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks. Both were spotted out recently in some high-volume ‘dos that raised eyebrows.


lady gaga big hair london 2013 wenn

Lady Gaga was photographed leaving her London hotel wearing hair that we can only describe as a my little pony with one hoove in a power socket. Big hair is becoming one of the “Applause” singer’s signatures of her latest look. Which would be fine if it wasn’t via bad, recycled lace fronts.


azealia banks gold hair london 2013 wenn

Coincidentally enough, another American export, rapper Azealia Banks, was also about London this week. Yesterday, Banks was caught out twice rocking her signature ‘Rapunzel’ hair. She’s lightened up the look in a golden blonde hue with a weave that looks like it took all the bratz dolls hair in China to make.

Sigh. There really is no winner in competition like this, but we’ll ask anyway…


Photo Credit: WENN


Which lady wore her wonder weave worse?

  • iHM

    I think Lady Gaga’s is actually really cool, and really 1980’s Long Island-esque. Azealia just looks foolish and terrible.

  • yagurlgg

    i think its the part. i guess she has a pointy and so the part makes her look weird (the part is too dam long anywho). and why does her smile always look forced?

  • I think if Gaga had taken the time to put some adhesive on it it would look more natural but you can TELL it’s a wig. I like it though. Azealia’s doesn’t look bad that part is just entirely too long