15 Of Beyoncé's Craziest, Most Hilarious Performance Faces

15 Of Beyoncé’s Craziest, Most Hilarious Performance Faces

Beyonce performs at Made in AmericaPhoto: WENN

As a little pick-me-up for those of you working or without plans this Labor Day, we created this slideshow for you.

We love Beyoncé as much any other God-fearing red-blooded American, but the woman makes some ridiculous faces when performing. On Friday, the “Crazy in Love” singer hit the stage for the 2013 Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. The awesome lineup of artists included Empire of the Sun, 2 Chainz and Jay Z. But fans were definitely prepared for an awesome show from Bey.

In her usual four costume change concert, she gave it to them song and song again– but also made a variety of interesting expressions. We’ll say this: When you’re a true entertainer, your focus isn’t on facial control but on delivering your music in it’s best form.

With that said, see pictures from Beyoncé’s performances in the past where her face was doing some crazy things! #StilLoveYouGirl

Beyonce performs at Made in AmericaPhoto: WENN

Beyonce performs at Made in AmericaPhoto: WENN

Beyonce performs at Made in AmericaPhoto: WENN

V Festival 2013Photo: WENN

Beyonce PF WENNPhoto: WENN

Beyonce-Wenn-pfPhoto: WENN

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z performing live atPhoto: WENN

Beyonce concertPhoto: WENN


Beyonce Plays FlorianopolisPhoto: Antonio Carlos Miguel/Globo via Getty Images

Beyonce Performs at RevelPhoto: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

beyonce-revel1Photo: WENN

beyonce#1Photo: WENN

Beyonce performs livePhoto: Marco Piraccini/WENN

  • RedboneChavez

    the Superbowl still better

  • JuJu

    she was singing and dancing,,,performing…where are the faces???

  • randomtandem

    Y’all are really reaching because none of these pictures look bad or even funny. The only pic I recall being funny of Beyoncé performing was the one where she was all puffed up like The Hulk. But that’s old news. Find something worth reporting please. Im not even gonna bother clicking through the rest of these pics because the first few were dumb.

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