Your Morning Tea: What's Brewing In Fashion

Your Morning Tea: What’s Brewing In Fashion


Immediately we had second-hand-embarrassment when “The Talk” co-host Sheryl Underwood jumped on-air calling afros “narsty.” In a discussion that had nothing to do with thoughts on natural hair, but was about interesting keepsakes, the comedian took time to mention her disgust for black hair and love of the “silky” stuff. And the outrage, yes, it has come. [READ and WATCH More]

Issac Mizrahi’s name is synonymous with many facets of the fashion world, but one title he will no longer have is “company man.” Judith Newman interviewed the designer to talk about the sale of his company, Xcel Brands and coinciding freedom it’s allowed for his other interest: like cabaret. He’s definitely more complex than we knew. [READ More]

Daniel Maree is being called one of the leaders of the “21st-century Civil Rights Movement,” in that he is using progressive ways to appeal to an unheard demographic. On the heels of winning the Do Something Award for his Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, the 25-year-old sat down to talk about his future plans to rally young people of color together. [READ More]